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HKU Part-time MBA Advantage

Noel Shih
  • NameNoel Shih
  • NationalityHong Kong SAR
  • BatchClass of 2018

After completing my bachelor degree in marketing from Ryerson University, I spent years working in the banking and consumer packaged goods industry in Ontario, Canada. Throughout my career, I have been exposed to a variety of positions from customer service to sales, from front line to back office support. Last summer, I decided to move back to Hong Kong for my career and MBA degree. I am currently working in an account management role at a leading beverage company in Hong Kong and am planning to start my own business in the near future.

HKU MBA programme consistently ranks as one of the top programmes in Asia and is also known for its prestigious professors and students on an international level. By taking the MBA programme at HKU, I am open to many talented and experienced individuals who have the potential to become my future business partners. The MBA office hosts many social and educational events that allow us to get to know our peers and learn from industry’s leaders. I am looking forward to spending another year of my MBA accelerating my progress and maximising my potential to tackle the challenges of today’s dynamic business world.

Terrence Hui
  • NameTerrence Hui
  • NationalityHong Kong
  • BatchClass of 2017

"Making Fun Toys; Making Toys Fun" – Currently I am working as an entrepreneur for my family-owned toy business which designs, produces and distributes toys for international clients all over the world. Our enthusiasm is for delivering happiness to young children.

After receiving a computer science degree from Coventry University in the UK, I started to work as an engineer in Microsoft Hong Kong. To me, this was just the first page of my career because I knew that I would face a lot of challenges in subsequent years. With 2 years of experience in the IT industry, I realized it was time to move one step forward in my career, so I joined my family business as a sales and marketing executive at Yick Shun Toys. Changing to a new industry did not stop me from learning different skills to enrich my profile. I took courses in product design, brand management and LEAN manufacturing.

To be a good entrepreneur, financial literacy will be as important as product development. Therefore, after 12 years of solid work experience in sales & marketing, product development and manufacturing, I decided to take HKU MBA in 2015. This programme is one of the top ranking MBA courses in Asia with strong focuses on finance. This is exactly what I need to drive my business to the next level and I am sure the course will create a synergy for me with my engineering background.

The teaching methodology is both theoretical and practical, with professors and classmates proactively sharing their thoughts on case studies during the classes.  Classmates are coming from a diverse background including IT/telecom, finance, retail, energy, aviation, shipping, publication and manufacturing. You will never find a place where people are having as much fun as we are in the classroom. 

Networking with HKU MBA classmates and family is always one of the best activities after the weekend class. We will share market insights across different industries and also learn how to contribute to the group projects with the best of our knowledge. All the joyful moments will be carried beyond the classroom.

Ultimately, I believe HKU MBA programme and its network will be a life-long asset for me in my career and personal development.

Rebecca Chu
  • NameRebecca Chu
  • NationalityHong Kong
  • BatchClass of 2017

I obtained my undergraduate and post-graduate degree in accounting in the United States. After coming back to Hong Kong, I started my career in Deloitte as an auditor then later moved out to the commercial field as internal auditor and compliance. I have always been a career auditor/finance/accounting person.

My friends sometimes ask me why I would do another master degree or why at HKU and my answer to them is simple and straight forward. HKU MBA provides an all-round business curriculum which includes not only technical courses like Accounting and Finance, but also Leadership, Business Communication, Marketing, Logistics and many more. It also opens my eyes and broadens my thinking especially during the group assignments where you get to hear others’ perspectives and their experiences. Last but not least, this programme helps me to expand my business and personal network to other industries’ sectors. Now in my fifth month and   just starting my journey, I am enjoying it very much and I look forward to the rest of it!

David Oberlander
  • NameDavid Oberlander
  • NationalityU.S.A.
  • BatchClass of 2018

I completed my bachelors in business administration and graduated from the University of Arizona during the height of the 2011 financial crisis. With the looming pessimism in the US job market, I decided to travel abroad and found myself a year later working in Hong Kong’s finance industry. Shortly after, an opportunity presented itself and I decided to take a leap of faith to start my own business in the distribution and integration of American made fire safety and access control systems for commercial buildings. As a result, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many world class manufacturers, architects, system integrators, property developers, engineers, and other professionals from a variety of countries and backgrounds. It has been an enlightening, and also a challenging experience thus far.

To better prepare myself for what lies ahead, I decided to take the initiative on self-improvement and applied for the part-time MBA programme at HKU. Without a doubt, it was clearly one of the best decisions I’ve made. Many concepts learned in class can be immediately applied to practice in the workplace, which motivates me to attend class to digest more knowledge from the esteemed faculty at the HKU MBA programme. In addition, the opportunity to meet students from all walks of life offers a refreshing environment to study in. I look forward to continuing my education at HKU and welcome future prospects from joining our community!

Youling Guo
  • NameYouling Guo
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2018

While the treasured memories of PhD student life at HKU are still vivid in my mind, I came back to my alma mater to start a new journey in life, experiencing the 2-year part-time MBA. During the rigorous graduate training, HKU provided a simulative and multidisciplinary environment for me to foster and develop lifelong skills in leadership, communication proficiency and self-discipline.

I began my career as a management consultant for pharmaceutical companies and now I am an investment professional in the healthcare sector. To pursue a healthcare-focused business career, the MBA programme is a perfect curriculum and HKU is a natural choice for me. I know it will serve as an excellent place for MBA students to learn, respect each other, and discover more about ourselves. Such an extended learning experience in business training will add magnificent colour and unforgettable memories to my life. The lovely classmates represent a great diversity of student profiles, and this offers various opportunities for us to develop grow and excel in different ways. I’m proud to be one of the HKU students again!

William Wong
  • NameWilliam Wong
  • NationalityHong Kong
  • BatchClass of 2018

I graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City in the United State of America with my bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the Henry W. Bloch School of Management.

Subsequently, I came back to Hong Kong to start my career, which has been primarily in two foreign multinational corporations, Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific Limited and Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited. During this period, I have held various positions in different areas, focusing on financial analytics, finance & accounting, and supply chains in the IT and consumer electronics industries in Asia.

Currently, I am working with Canon Hong Kong Company Limited in our Finance & Accounting Division which is one of the Administrative functions within the group. Canon Inc. is a multinational corporation listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange, specialising in the manufacture of imaging and optical products and medical equipment.

I decided to embark on my MBA because I wanted to not only broaden my business knowledge but also grow a broader network. After attending information sessions at the several business schools, the University of Hong Kong was my number one choice and I am delighted to be here with the class of 2018. Since the HKU MBA programme started a few months ago, I have already made some great friends and look forward to our journey ahead.

Nicole Jiang
  • NameNicole Jiang
  • NationalityMainland China
  • BatchClass of 2018

After graduating from the National University of Singapore, I came to Hong Kong and started my career in the finance industry. Moving from banking to the asset management industry, I have realised the need to acquire in-depth managerial skills and broaden my network in a first-tier MBA school. HKU part-time MBA provides me with the best opportunity to continue to grow and progress in my career while enjoying the excellent course, network events, extracurricular activities and the chance to study abroad!

Coming from mainland China, I feel that my particular background has been warmly embraced and valued. I am constantly inspired by the interesting yet practical courses and the incredible network built by the HKU MBA faculty and fellow classmates from a wide spread of industries. HKU MBA has provided me with the best platform to advance my career.  

Lawrence Kong
  • NameLawrence Kong
  • NationalityMacau
  • BatchClass of 2018

When I finished my schooling in Macau, I moved to Vancouver, Canada with my family and got my bachelor degree at Simon Fraser University.  In pursuit of a new challenge, I moved back to Macau where this tiny but highly energetic city’s economy had just started its remarkable boom and offered lots of opportunities. 

I began my career in a Big 4 accounting firm, and I am currently working as the chief audit executive in one of the note issuing banks in Macau.  Even though I have already earned technical qualifications like CPA, FRM and other professional certificates, I felt a lack of management skills and so I looked for an MBA. 

The HKU MBA programme was an obvious choice for me as it is one of the top ranked in Asia and world-wide, as well as having a programme flexibility that allows me to achieve a balance of study, work and family life.  I am very glad I have made the right choice, not only because I have learned a lot from the respected professors, but because I have also met many new friends from different backgrounds and different countries which resembles the multiculturalism that Canadians are always proud of and appreciate.

Paul Howard
  • NamePaul Howard
  • NationalityU.K.
  • BatchClass of 2018

With over 10 years background as an executive director and managing director with listed companies, my profile and motivation was a little different to many of my classmates.  I felt the time was appropriate to revisit my academic understanding of business and leverage my experience with others in a classroom environment.  The flexibility of Hong Kong University’s part-time programme and its’ geographic location means you can balance your career and academic aspirations without compromise.

The students at HKU come from a variety of industries and having the ability to interact with such a diverse group is one of the differentiators of the MBA.  I found the opportunities to work with others in the group projects probably the most rewarding part of the course and an experience you can only get when you step outside your everyday work environment.  The high prestige of an MBA from Hong Kong University resonates internationally with institutions and individuals; everybody in business has heard of HKU.  In respect of the course, the range and choice of subjects over two years was similarly broad and the elective nature of the course allows you to focus on what is important for your personal development, which is especially empowering.

Mari Kuchinshi
  • NameMari Kuchinshi
  • NationalityJapan
  • BatchClass of 2018

My education background is entirely in Japan with few exchange programme experiences.  Yet I always had a dream of working abroad.  Starting my career in 2002 in the banking industry, I have been working in international banks in different roles, and became an operational risk manager.  I am now in charge of the Asia Pacific region for changing the risk management framework throughout the company.

Now with MBA, I want to breakthrough to pursue the next challenge, such as being able to work outside of Asia.  

MBA is my first experience of international teaching methods as well as about learning business from scratch.  My undergraduate major was international politics so my learning about key banking subjects was  “on the job training”.  It is a great opportunity for me now to learn them properly.

My classmates are all from different backgrounds and it has been great working with them. As a side job, I am one of the bloggers for a Japanese fashion magazine, and my classmates have been kind enough to guide me to a lot of local cuisines which I can blog about.  Getting to know them and being part of their group enables me to experience real HK life. 

Learning about each of the subject’s contents, the time management required for work, life and study, the different cultural backgrounds of classmates, learning to work with different people; all in all I can say that this MBA is an exciting, life-changing experience.

Jungwhan Cho
  • NameJungwhan Cho
  • NationalityKorea
  • BatchClass of 2018

I am currently director of Asia marketing & sales for a UK based retail financial advisory / derivatives brokerage firm. Before that, I was working for leading wholesale and retail CFD brokerage firms from Korea and Cyprus. Currently I am based in Shenzhen and responsible for the Asian market.

I searched for a suitable part time MBA programme for a long time and I have found that the HKU part time programme is the best fit for me. From the first class, I was reassured beyond doubt that this opportunity would allow me to move on from my current status. At the same time, in group discussion and projects, classmates from various backgrounds with different insights have allowed me to broaden my perspectives.

Sometimes it is true that balancing a full time job and a part time MBA programme is challenging. Even so, I am sure the dynamic life of the HKU MBA programme will make me enjoy every moment with my classmates.

Rachel Lee
  • NameRachel Lee
  • NationalityHong Kong
  • BatchClass of 2018

As a graduate majoring in accounting & finance at the London School of Economics, I returned to Hong Kong after studying abroad for almost a decade, and started off as a trader trainee in an investment firm. I then moved to my current role in derivatives trading at HKEX, where I have worked on various projects and initiatives that foster development of the listed derivatives market in Hong Kong, including expanding the asset classes, strengthening trading infrastructure and enhancing market microstructure.

Apart from furthering strategic thinking and management capabilities, I was looking for a MBA programme that offers a network of students and alumni from all walks of life. HKU MBA has a track record for a good mix of students from various industry backgrounds. I have classmates from logistics, manufacturing, technology, marketing, public relations and luxury brand management among others. Meeting and working on group presentations with people across different industries was not only fun, but has also widened my business horizons and allowed me to view issues from multiple perspectives for better decision making. On the teaching side, I appreciate that all the professors I have met so far are passionate in their specialised areas and many are also experienced practitioners in their industries.