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27 Oct 2020

Bloomberg Workshops (Session 1-3)

Our commitment to becoming a leading programme in financial education has led to our ever-increasing endowments in incorporating the latest financial software and hardware technologies into our programme.

Bloomberg Professional® services (“Bloomberg”) is the premier source of market information and analytical tools for financial managers. Through the Bloomberg terminals, students can gain access to the information available to practitioners and acquire practical market knowledge and skills they are expected to master by the finance industry. It bridges the gap between theory and practice and helps students develop a holistic and coherent understanding of global financial markets.

The workshops aim to let our students to learn how to use the basic navigation, FX & fixed income basic and equity analysis Basic on Bloomberg.

  • Session 1: Basic Navigation & Functions
  • Session 2: Basic Fixed Income & FX Analyses
  • Session 3: Basic Equity Analysis


Bloomberg Workshops 1
Bloomberg Workshops 2