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Words from Students & Alumni

Hu Xing

Mr Hu Xing

PhD, The University of Hong Kong
Master of Economics, Class of 2020

Russle Xu

Mr Russle Xu

Strategy Analyst, Bytedance
Master of Economics, Class of 2020

I studied Finance as my undergraduate, but I was truly interested in the macroeconomic and the development issues. Also, the data analysis track gave me solid training on data with a combination of economics knowledge, helping me to equip me with the most useful skills in the future job market. The MEcon programme is quite a challenge for me, especially since I don’t have a highly quantitative background. But the professors and tutors are all kind, and willing to help.

To applicants who are interested in the programme: Try more industries and more possible opportunities. Stay simple and stay naive.

Emma Yang

Ms Emma Yang

Master of Economics, Class of 2020

I chose HKU because of its solid reputation and its location. Hong Kong is seen as a global financial center and HKU is close to the city centre, convenient for us to do an internship if we had the chance. Besides that, the main campus is beautiful, with a long history. It’s nice to climb the mountain behind the school and HKU facilities are also convenient and advanced.

The best experience I had was meeting such wonderful classmates, teachers and alumni. They provided strong support in my study and life. We have spent hard times together.

Xiang Chen

Ms Chen Xiang

Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong
Master of Economics, Class of 2019

The main reason I chose the Policy Stream was because many courses that I wanted to take were in the Policy Stream. However, which stream you take is not a determining factor in successfully hunting for a job or proceeding to a PhD degree.

The courses in the programme are extremely useful. For example, the capstone course given by Professor James Kung and the Labour Economics course given by Dr.Park taught me how to do empirical research on many economic topics. From the International Economics course given by Professor Cheng, I obtained deeper insights on real life economic issues, and my presentation skills have been sharpened as well.

To prospective students, the very first and most important thing is to be very clear about your future path and whether you plan to proceed to the PhD programme or work directly after you graduate from the MEcon programme. They are very different paths and you need to do a lot of work to prepare for your success. To be specific, if you have decided to proceed to doctoral study, you need to work hard in each course, get high test scores and impress your lecturers. You must try to get strong recommendation letters, seek opportunities which involve economic research projects and try to develop your own ideas. If you want to work directly after graduation, you need to do an internship and network as much as possible. Plan in advance and walk firm in each step.

Joanna Lu

Ms Joanna Lu

Master of Economics, Class of 2018

I browsed the brief introduction of each stream and found that the schedule in the policy stream contained some courses of interest relating to my previous working experiences, such as money and banking, and international trade.

Many courses adopt a case-study method, focusing on reasoning and analysis. They provided advanced academic training which further enhanced my analytical and quantitative skills. It helped me develop a wealth of knowledge in international economics and the ability to look at problems from both theoretical and practical perspectives, which I appreciated a lot.

I think the programme bridges the gap between theory and practice. With the knowledge and skills learned from MEcon, I was able to secure the job I wanted in Hong Kong and it has accelerated my career path. More importantly, it changed my study habits from teacher-led learning to independent learning.

My suggestions to future applicants would be as follows:

1. Make good use of your time and learn as much as possible from your teachers and classmates, in addition to the books.

2. Try to leverage the tremendous resources that HKU provides. For example, I enrolled in tree climbing and fencing courses offered by HKU which were a lot of fun.

Yunchou Zhang

Mr Yunchou Zhang

Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong
Master of Economics, Class of 2018

Hong Kong is known as an international financial center, but what attracted me most was the combination of traditional Chinese culture and Western culture. By studying in Hong Kong, I hoped to experience a different culture and broaden my horizons.

The MEcon programme provides students with the freedom to choose their preferred stream and courses. As a student with a Bachelor degree in Economics and Finance, I have enhanced my understanding of Economics and realised that I'm interested in research topics on Microeconomics. During my undergraduate study life, the programme was designed in a way that allowed students to systematically learn about Economics, but the MEcon programme allows students to dig further into different areas of Economics. Therefore, MEcon students should learn to communicate with professors and make appropriate choices.

I took some PhD courses and a dissertation course when I was a MEcon student in order to get some experience of PhD life. I also talked with some professors and PhD students to get myself mentally prepared. The PhD courses are more difficult than most MEcon courses, but students can get solid background training from the MEcon programme so that they will feel comfortable when doing a higher degree. Professors are very nice and willing to support students.

The MEcon programme is a great chance for students to prepare for higher education. Apart from choosing your preferred stream and courses, students can also talk with professors about their future study plans. It is important to find research areas that you are interested in. Try to find a RA job to get some first-hand experience of research and learn useful skills.

Xiangshi Yin

Mr Xiangshi Yin

Master of Economics, Class of 2015

Since the financial market in Hong Kong enjoys a close association with Mainland China and they could be mutually developed more in the near future, attending a Hong Kong university not only enabled me to establish a career network in the city, but also benefit a career in mainland China.

The HKU MEcon programme adopts international standards in its curriculum design and quality assurance, and its highly internationalised campus helps you to learn from many different perspectives.

The course adopts the method of multi-group discussion and group projects, which require you to spend time reading in advance, discuss during class, and complete a group project. The teacher is there not only to explain the information, but also to encourage students to present their own ideas in the form of reports and presentations.

Although I did not become an economist, I find that economic analysis is everywhere. In the daily work of financial due diligence, we need to analyse whether a particular business issue is reasonable, from macro and micro perspectives. The MEcon programme has comprehensively improved my analysis and research skills.

If you're interested to study Master of Economics:

1. Prepare your new studies in advance; if you do not have a strong economics background it is necessary to preview the syllabus in advance.

2. Share your impact, you will be inspired by exchanging ideas with experienced colleagues and professors.

3. Design your own career plan in advance and get involved in internships if possible, as this will reduce trial and error costs.

Phillip NG

Mr Philips Ng

Financial Controller, China New City
Master of Economics, Class of 2014

I completed my undergraduate degree in BBA at HKU, the most prestigious school in Hong Kong. From my experience at the university, I had total belief in the faculty management of HKU Business School and I had no doubt in choosing the same campus to further my Master study.

It was a fruitful 2-years spent studying as a part-time student of MEcon. I met many elites from international and Chinese universities and the project-based courses and faculty activities helped us to bond.

I am a seasoned CFO in a listed company with specialisation in corporate loan financing and helping corporates to get IPO listings in Hong Kong.

I give a lot of investment advice and loan financing from banks. The knowledge from the Master of Economics programme helped me to understand the mechanisms of interest rate trends, loan to value factors and future options and choices.

Future applicants: You are advised to take step-by-step economics knowledge in Micro-and Macro-economic classes. It helps you utilise theories more easily and sometimes it is still relevant in scoring by using a low profile explanation.

Terrence Lo

Mr Terrence Lo

Head of Equity Trading, Bank of China (Hong Kong)
Master of Economics, Class of 2014

The MEcon programme adds great value to working professionals to sharpen their knowledge on the subject. This is probably one of the best choices in Asia.

Nick Chan

Mr Nick Chan

AVP, Market Risk Quantitative Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Master of Economics, Class of 2012

HKU MEcon offered me deep and broad exposure in fundamental theories and practical implications in economics, which helped me hone not only my analytical and technical skills, but also presentation skills and market understanding, through interaction with practitioners and other part-time students.

Leon Qi

Mr Leon Qi

Executive Director (Regional Head of Asian Financials Research), Daiwa Capital Markets Hong Kong Limited
Master of Economics, Class of 2011

HKU MEcon was a great experience to me in gaining both academic excellence and broadening exposure in the modern economic analysis through classroom discussions, public lectures, individual projects, and peer-group cooperation. I appreciate the flexibility offered to explore the areas that are most appealing to each individual – monetary policy practice to me. The vulnerable global economy and volatile financial markets after GFC call for talents with rigorous economics theory and well-versed market understanding. I believe HKU MEcon is one of the programmes to advance in both.

Kevin Chung

Mr Kevin Chung

Board member of MacEarth Group Japan / Adjunct lecturer in Finance at the business school of Kwansei Gakuin University Japan
Master of Economics, Class of 2011

I am originally from Singapore, working in Beijing for a Chinese Private Equity Fund Management Company that has portfolio companies in China and overseas. It is quite difficult to fully understand all of the business and cultural nuances of China. The Chinese economy and business landscape is moving faster than any other markets. This programme really provided me with insightful on-the-ground Eastern and Western perspectives on management and business environments.

Xiaocun Tiffany Qiu

Ms Tiffany Qiu

Teaching Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
Master of Economics, Class of 2011

Zhe Xu

Mr Zhe Xu

Chief Consultant in Data Science, Elite International Education & Consulting
Master of Economics, Class of 2011


My primary reason for choosing Hong Kong to study and work is the rule of law and freedom of speech. Also, it has an excellent natural environment, convenient living facilities, excellent medical system and international education system.

My undergraduate major is electrical engineering. After graduating I wanted to get a master’s degree in the field of economics, in order to build a solid foundation for me in the financial industry. HKU’s Master of Economics programme is undoubtedly among the best choices in the world, with top-ranking faculty members as well as a good curriculum structure.

With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, I have successfully transitioned my career path across industries and sectors, after graduating from the MEcon programme. I joined one of the top USD venture capital firms after graduation and a private equity platform under China's best investment bank three years later. To be honest, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to study at one of the best universities in the world and for the experience of working and growing in one of the best companies. The MEcon programme experience at the University of Hong Kong has undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for my career path and has been essential to my progression after graduation. It's an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.

Ashley Khoo

Ms Ashley Khoo

Managing Director, Capital Management, CITIC International Assets Management
Master of Economics, Class of 2010

I greatly enjoyed HKU’s MEcon experience, and made new friends as well as professional contacts. The curriculum was both topical and practical, the faculty was world-class, and the diversity of the student body reflects the course's standing as a truly international MEcon programme.

Joe Buetzler

Mr Joe Buetzler

CFO, APAC, Linde Engineering
Master of Economics, Class of 2009

The MEcon programme at HKU equipped me with a thorough understanding of economic and financial knowledge. The exchange with experienced faculty and classmates right in the financial heart of Asia prepared me well for a global career.

Tristan Zhuo

Mr Tristan Zhou

Head of Economics and Strategy Research, Nanyang Commercial Bank
Master of Economics, Class of 2009

The MEcon programme provided me with a solid foundation in economics and was instrumental in helping me build a career as a professional economist.

Yaran Zhang

Ms Yaran Zhang

Director, Data Operations, Moody's Analytics
Master of Economics, Class of 2009

The year of MEcon study was a very exciting journey to me, in which I felt filled up with new knowledge and information every day, and got lots of chances to learn from the people at the frontier of research side and business side -- very challenging and encouraging too!

Karen Qian

Ms Karen Qian

Director of Business Development, Provenance Blockchain, Inc.
Master of Economics, Class of 2007

The one-year intensive HKU MEcon programme is demanding intellectually, however, proved to be very rewarding by laying out a good foundation for my job in Hong Kong. Not only I have gained solid understanding of economic principles, but also made great friends through projects and after-class study groups. This together helped me start fast with my career in Hong Kong.