24 Jan 2019 | Knowledge Exchange , Event

Public Lecture by Professor Yingyi Qian: The Rise of China’s Universities in Comparative Perspective



We are deeply honoured to have Professor Yingyi Qian from Tsinghua University to visit our Faculty and give a public lecture on ‘The Rise of China’s Universities in Comparative Perspective’ on 24 January 2019.

Professor Qian is the Distinguished Professor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Former Dean (2006-2018) of School of Economics at Tsinghua University. He shared his valuable insights on the higher education in Chinese mainland and examined university rankings from an economist’s angle. Professor Zhiwu Chen, Director of Asia Global Institute and Victor and William Fung Professor in Economics at HKU, and Professor Zhigang Tao, Associate Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics, and HSBC Professor in Global Economy and Business Strategy later joined Professor Qian, and had an engaging dialogue to further explore the higher education and in the Nation.

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