HKU launches the First Undergraduate Programme in Asset Management and Private Banking in Asia

Immediate Release

(October 31, 2016, Hong Kong) The demands on qualifies talents in the field of asset management and private wealth management continue to grow in line with the significant wealth growth in Asia. In order to nurture talent in this industry, the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) announces that a new undergraduate programme, Bachelor of Finance in Asset Management and Private Banking Degree [BFin(AMPB)], will be offered in the academic year 2017-18.

Features of the Curriculum
The BFin(AMPB) programme is a practical and career-oriented curriculum providing students with essential knowledge and skills for career in the rapidly growing AMPB industry. The curriculum covers two major areas of study, including the management of money for institutions and individuals in different asset classes and the provision of advice and services in private banking. The curriculum is also designed with reference to the curriculum requirements of major international and local professional qualifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Private Wealth Professional (CPWP). BFin(AMPB) students will be able to gain experience in the field, polish their soft skills and broaden their professional network through various enrichment activities organised by the Faculty, including overseas exchange study and industry-sponsored internships in either Year 2 or 3, mentorship programme, career seminars by professional bodies, and thematic visits to AMPB firms.

Career Prospects
Graduates of this programme are versatile and will be well-equipped to land a wide range of jobs and excel in the industry as asset or fund managers, securities analysts, private bankers, investment advisors, trust managers, compliance officers and risk managers.

Dr. Maurice Tse, BFin (AMPB) Programme Coordinator, said: “This is the first undergraduate programme of its kind in Asia. It is not only designed with reference to the curriculum requirements of major international and local professional qualifications but also taught by professors with extensive experience in the AMPB industry. The final-year capstone course allows students to apply their knowledge to real world situations by conducting analyses and managing a portfolio based on investment policies of institutional or high net-worth clients. With the solid knowledge, professional skills and broad exposure obtained from the programme, I am sure our students will be well-prepared to enter the profession and becoming future industry leaders. FBE ensures this would be a strong and sustainable programme with international benchmarking and recognition. We are looking forward to welcoming the first cohort of students in September 2017.”





(2016年10月31日 – 香港)隨著亞洲的財富顯著增長,區内對資產管理及私人財富管理專才的需求亦不斷增加。香港大學經濟及工商管理學院宣佈將於2017-18學年推出金融學學士(資產管理及私人銀行)課程。此課程為亞洲區内首個專注於資產管理及私人銀行的本科課程,旨在為行業培育人才。

以市場為本的課程為學生提供理論和應用雙軌訓練及培育,以裝備學生投身發展急速的資產管理和私人銀行行業。課程主要分爲兩個範疇:(1)專為機構及個人提供不同資產類別的管理;     (2)因應高淨值人士特定需要,提供投資、信貸及信托等服務的私人銀行管理。課程設計同時參照特許金融分析師(CFA)和註冊私人財富管理師(CPWP)等國際和本地專業資格的要求,進一步加強課程的認可性與實用性。學院及課程積極為學生提供海外交流和相關的實習機會,並安排學生與行內專業人士進行不同形式的交流,例如,指導計劃、圓桌會談、就業講座及企業參觀等等,協助學生於行內建立人際網絡並積累實戰經驗。


金融學學士(資產管理及私人銀行)課程總監謝國生博士表示:「這是亞洲首個針對資產管理及私人銀行的本科課程。為確保學生及畢業生的競爭力,學院致力令課程達至國際標準及認可;學科内容的設計亦參照國際和本地專業資格的要求,並由業界擁有豐富經驗的導師教授。當中的應用科目及畢業前修讀的總結科目(capstone course),揉合課程理論及實戰知識,讓學生能夠憑著從課程中獲得的專業知識,廣泛應用於現實社會,為投身資產管理和私人銀行行業做好充分準備。我相信我們的學生絕對有能力成為引領及帶動行業發展的佼佼者。我們期待在2017年9月與首批學生見面。」


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