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Research Centres and Institutes

Active Research Environment

HKU Business School maintains an active research environment. Its economists conduct both basic and applied research and publish regularly in leading academics journals. In addition, research institutes and centres have been established to foster-scale and long-term collaborative research within and outside the School. These include:

Asia Case Research Centre

Develops content-rich business case studies to meet the growing need for business education in Asia and particularly in China. The centre monitors closely the emerging business strategies, economic policies, management practices, and financial developments across the region. Its case studies on Asian companies and subjects are highly relevant teaching materials and are used by teachers and institutions around the world.


The Centre for Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Values

Promotes intellectual capital development and teaching of entrepreneurship and business values in Hong Kong, China, and Asia. At the core of the Centre is a new teaching framework called The Five Dynamics of Entrepreneurship© that was co-developed by a group of real-life entrepreneurs.


The Centre for China Financial Research

Provides a focus and forum for studying the challenges of reforming China's financial sector. It focuses on reforms of the banking sector, corporate governance, regulation of the securities markets, and financial liberalisation strategies and the role of Hong Kong. The centre has established collaborative relations with researchers in central banking institutions, securities regulatory bodies, and stock exchanges in China and Hong Kong, as well as research centres at Peking University, Fudan University and the Chinese Academy of Social Science.


The Centre for Financial Innovation and Development

Focuses on research and training programmes that help advance understanding of derivative securities as financial instruments and risk management in corporate decisions.


The Contemporary Marketing Centre

Is recognised as a Centre of Excellence within the University and associated with a University's Strategic Research Theme: China Studies. It focuses on research activities relevant to marketing and strategy challenges for companies operating in China. The Centre maintains highly active research programmes and is commonly recognised as one of the world's most prolific research institutes on China marketing research. Every year, the Centre colleagues obtain competitive research grants, publish in top marketing and management journals, co-host annual Marketing Scholar Forums, maintain doctoral student exchanges with partnership universities and other research related activities. Through the School's Asian Case Research Centre, colleagues developed China related marketing and management cases. Starting early 2006, the Centre has embarked on a Service Excellence Programme with Hong Kong's top service firms.


The Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Business Strategy

Supports research programmes that focus on Hong Kong's relationship with Greater China and the Asia-Pacific region. The  four  research programmes are: Asia-Pacific Competitiveness, Human Resources, China Financial Research, and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Studies. In 2000, the University Grants Committee recognised the work of the Institute as one of the three  Areas of Excellence in Hong Kong. Affiliated with the Institute is The Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research.

The Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research studies important public policy issues to enhance public understanding of economic affairs and provide the government with alternative policy choices. The Centre is regarded as one of Hong Kong's leading policy think tanks and has published over 50 research monographs on a wide range of subjects. It also produces the HKCER Letters with timely researched commentaries on public policy issues.


Institute for China and Global Development

The Institute for China and Global Development aims to advance the understanding of China’s interaction with the global economy through developing multi-disciplinary innovative research and training programmes. Currently, there are six core programmes under the Institute which are committed to investigating into greater details the key areas of the Chinese economy and how it interacts with the rest of the world. Together, they provide a dynamic picture for understanding China's economic formation and prospect.