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With the interdisciplinary academic focus of the programme, students are required to complete courses from different disciplines focusing on FinTech. These courses equip students with the essential knowledge and capabilities to apply technological innovations to financial services, e.g., blockchain and cryptocurrency, financial fraud analytics, regulations of financial markets, etc. Backed by experts in artificial intelligence, cyber securities, financial regulatory issues and financial engineering, the programme covers different FinTech topics, including Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Blockchain and Cryto-currency, and Regulations of Financial Markets. 

Led by HKU Business School, the MFFinTech programme features a strong multidisciplinary training, with courses jointly offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Law. Students are able to acquire cutting-edge technical skills and a broad understanding of potential legal, economic and societal impacts of FinTech.

Featured topics by the Business School
  • Derivative securities
  • Equity valuation and investment management
  • Financial datasets
  • Fund management
  • Hedge funds, private equity and venture capital
  • Quantitative trading
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Mathematical finance
Featured topics by Faculty of Engineering
  • Applications of descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and social network analytics
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Deep reinforcement learning
  • Financial fraud analytics challenges and issues
  • Handling of raw data sets for fraud detection
  • Linear and logistic regression
  • Unsupervised feature learning
Featured topics by Faculty of Law
  • Compliance and enforcement with the evolving information technology
  • Existing common law and statutory protection
  • The concepts and typologies of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • The impact of digital transformation of compliance
  • The protection of ‘personal information’