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   Modular Structure

Courses are offered on a modular basis to allow students to focus on one area of study at a time. Normally, each module consists of 7-8 weeks including the examination week. Courses are normally scheduled in the daytime at HKU Town Center in Admiralty or Cyberport Campus or HKU Main Campus. Some classes are offered in weekday evenings or on Saturdays. Examinations are normally on Saturdays.

The full-time curriculum shall extend over a minimum of one academic year and a maximum of two academic years. Students normally need to take four classes each week.

   Graduation Requirements

Students are required to successfully complete all the core courses plus two electives. Students who have failed a course are required to sit for a re-examination or to retake the course. If the failed course is an elective, students may choose to take another elective course as a substitute. In order to graduate, the total number of failures cannot exceed two in the entire period of study and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above must be achieved.


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