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For the Master of Finance programme, there is no specified requirement on the field of applicants’ undergraduate studies. Applicants from different fields are welcome to apply.

There are no requirements regarding applicants’ work experience. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply. 

To be eligible, a candidate should:

  1. Hold a recognised degree or equivalent;

  2. Obtain statements from two referees, regarding his/her suitability for the Programme; and

  3. Obtain a TOEFL/IELTS* score if you are not from an English-medium university. 
    Minimum score requirement: TOEFL: 80 or IELTS: 6 (with no subtest below 5.5)

GMAT/GRE scores are not required, but a good GMAT/GRE score will be favourably considered and can be helpful for marginal cases.

In general, applicants are not required to attend an interview during the admission process.

As a full-time programme, our courses mostly take place on weekdays. There are also group assignments and examinations during the intensive modular structure. Therefore, you need a very flexible work schedule to commit to the full-time study mode of our programme.

We take a holistic approach and consider the overall assessment of the candidate's academic background, referees' recommendations, work experience (if any), and other outstanding achievements.

An applicant who wishes to be admitted on the basis of a qualification from an university or comparable institution outside Hong Kong where the language of teaching or examination is not English is required to obtain a score of 80 or above (internet-based test) in the TOEFL or a overall band of 6 or above in the IELTS (with no subtest below 5.5). Test scores that are more than 2 years old will not be accepted. 

GMAT/GRE scores are not required, but a good GMAT/GRE score will be favourably considered and can be helpful for marginal cases. Should candidates wish to submit a GMAT or GRE score, they should upload a copy of the test report together with other supporting documents to the application system.

TOEFL: 9671;
GMAT: FS2-WL-65;
GRE: 2482 

Submitting Application and Documents

Upload the following supporting documents to the HKU Business School TPG Application Document Upload System ONE working day after the submission of your application until the upcoming application deadline. If further updates are available and you wish to submit again, you need to upload the full set of the documents under that particular category as the new submission will overwrite the previous submission.

  • Academic Certificate (Graduate transcript/ latest official transcript; Graduation Certificate (畢業證書), if available; Award certificate / degree certificate (學士證書), applicable to candidates from Mainland institutions only) (in ONE single PDF file)
  • Working Experience Proof (Proof of internship experience of all positions, or most recent full-time employment, whichever is applicable) (in ONE single PDF file)
  • Language Report (TOEFL or IELTS report that was taken within 2 years before your application submission, if you are not from an English-medium university *TOEFL code of HKU : 9671(in ONE single PDF file) 
  • Others (Personal statement; GMAT/ GRE score report *Codes of HKU: GMAT: FS2-WL-65 | GRE: 2482; Certificates of Professional qualifications e.g. ACCA, CFA, CPA; etc) (in ONE single PDF file) 

Applications with missing supporting documents will be considered incomplete and will NOT be further processed.

In the application stage, the original copy of supporting documents is NOT required and candidates only need to upload the softcopy to the application website. If you receive an admission offer from our programme, we will ask you to submit the original/certified true copy of the documents.

The above is also applicable to HKU undergraduates.

After inputting your referee details in the application form, you need to download the reference form from the application website and send it to your two referees. The completed reference forms should be emailed to us at directly from your referees’ email accounts, which should be the same as the ones you put down in the Referees section of your application form. If you would like to provide additional reference letters, you can upload them to the application website as supporting documents.

If further updates are available and you wish to submit again, you need to upload the full set of the documents under that particular category as the new submission will overwrite the previous submission.

Since the application system doesn’t allow any changes in the application form after submission, you can email the updated/additional information to directly quoting your application number and we will help you make the changes in your application file.

Yes, you are allowed to apply to multiple postgraduate programmes at HKU. However, you can only enroll into one programme.

Admissions Process and Result

In general, applicants are not required to attend an interview during the admissions process.

Admissions decisions are generally available in 1 month after the application deadline and successful applicants will be notified by email. The applications of those who have not received an offer will be considered again in the following round(s) until the end of the whole admissions cycle.

Students registered to read for a postgraduate curriculum at this University MUST NOT be registered simultaneously to read for another qualification in this University or at another institution, except with the approval of the Board of HKU Business School given in advance. A breach of this Regulation in Hong Kong or elsewhere may result in the student concerned being required to discontinue studies at this University.


The proposed tuition fee for the 2021 Intake is HK$396,000*. 

Upon receiving the admission offer, candidates will be required to arrange a deposit of HK$95,000* to confirm their acceptance. The balance will be  payable in 2 instalments over one academic year, irrespective of the number of courses taken in each module.

Subject to the approval of the MFin Programme Director and committees concerned, advanced standing of required courses, except the capstone course, may be granted and tuition fees would be deducted by HK$33,000* per course accordingly.

There is also a non-refundable application fee of HK$300.

*subject to change and final approval by The University of Hong Kong

Local students of the MFin Programme can apply for Extended Non-means Tested Loan Scheme offered by the HKSAR Government.

The Entrance Scholarship will be awarded to new students in the Master of Finance Programme on the basis of academic merit at the time of admission. Subject to the performance of the candidates, the value of each scholarship will range from 10-50% of the prevailing Master of Finance tuition fee. 

All eligible candidates will automatically be considered and no separate application for the scholarship is required. In the event of there being no suitable candidate in any year, no awards shall be made.

Fargo Wealth Excellence Scholarship is donated by Fargo Consulting Limited which was set up by a group of Master of Economics (MEcon) and Master of Finance (MFin) alumni. Up to 10 scholarships are awarded to full-time first-year students of MFin and other masters programmes offered by HKU Business School, on the basis of academic performance and contributions to the community of the respective programme. The Scholarship shall be of the value of HK$10,000 and is tenable for one year.

Applications will be invited in March and results will be announced in May. In the event of there being no suitable candidate in any year, no awards shall be made.

Courses are offered on a modular basis to allow students to focus on one area of study at a time. Normally, each module consists of 6-8 weeks including the examination week. Courses are normally scheduled in the daytime at Cyberport Campus, HKU Town Centre Campus in Admiralty or HKU Main Campus. Some classes are offered in weekday evenings or on Saturdays. Students normally need to take four classes each week.

The programme extends over a minimum of one academic year and a maximum of two academic years for full-time study. Most students tend to finish programme in one academic year.

Course Exemption

Course exemption of up to four required courses, except the capstone course, may be granted (normally by examination) if candidates:

  1. Can produce evidence, such as a transcript and course syllabus, that a course is equivalent in content to another course taken elsewhere for which a satisfactory grade has been obtained; or

  2. Are holding relevant professional qualifications which were obtained before admission to the programme.

No credits will be given for the exempted course and candidates shall be required to take an approved alternative course of the same credit value.

Advanced Standing

Advanced standing of up to two (for single concerntration) or three (for double concentration) required courses, except the capstone course, may be granted if:

  1. The course is completed at a graduate, postgraduate or master level from a recognized programme elsewhere within the last four years before admission to the programme and a good grade in the course was achieved, or

  2. The candidate possesses a relevant professional qualification which was obtained before admission to the programme.

In such cases, no replacement courses will be required and the tuition fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Applications for course exemption and advanced standing are subject to the approval of the MFin Programme Director and committees concerned.

Career & Development

All the career services/activities offered by HKU Business School are free of charge, however, some of the student services/activities require a participation fee.

We endeavor to reach out to corporates and maintain close relationships with quality employers from all major industries. Some employers may invite us to nominate outstanding students for their consideration. We do our best to support shortlisted students during this process, however, employers make all final decisions.

Yes, students may undertake internships during the course of their studies, if the time commitment does not clash with any of their classes.

In terms of working in Hong Kong, non-local students (excluding exchange and visiting students) may engage in:

  • Part-time on-campus employment offered by the University, for a maximum of 20 hours per week;
  • A summer job from 1st June to 31st August (both dates inclusive) (only applicable to students who are doing their degrees for 2 years; and whose applications for such extension of study have been approved); and/or
  • Study/ curriculum-related internship for one-third of the normal duration of the programme.

In order to participate in study/ curriculum-related internships in Hong Kong, non-local students must have a No Objection Letter (NOL) issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department and an endorsement (also known as a supporting letter) from HKU Business School. In order to apply for the endorsement, the student must have received an internship offer and an official contract from a well-established company.

Students can find information of internships offered by partnering companies on the School’s Career Portal and HKU Cedars’ Job Board (both accessible by students and staff only). Students can also find internship opportunities on other job search platforms.


Having established herself as an international city over the past few decades, Hong Kong is a place where east meets west. English is still an official language for the government, universities, and most of the corporations. In Hong Kong, most citizens can communicate well in English, as well as Mandarin. Bilingual signs can be seen in most places. Our student services team will provide Cantonese courses for you, in order to give you a basic understanding of Cantonese for daily use.

Full-time postgraduate students are eligible to apply for accommodation at a monthly rental charge for a single room in a number of designated halls. For details about housing for postgraduate students, please visit the website of the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) at

CEDARS also collects and compiles data on off-campus, privately-owned rooms or flats in the vicinity of the university campus, that are available for students to rent. 

The MFin Programme has been included in the list of reimbursable courses for CEF purpose. The institution code for HKU is 001 and the course code for Master of Finance is 23M02189-1. Please visit the following website for more details: