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Tuition Fee

The proposed tuition fee for the 2021 intake is HK$396,000*. 

Upon receiving the admission offer, candidates will be required to arrange a deposit of HK$95,000* to confirm their acceptance. The balance will be payable in 2 instalments over one academic year, irrespective of the number of courses taken in each module.

Subject to the approval of the MFin Programme Director and committees concerned, advanced standing of required courses, except the capstone course, may be granted, and tuition fees would be deducted by HK$33,000* per course accordingly.

There is also a non-refundable application fee of HK$300.

*subject to change and final approval by The University of Hong Kong




Entrance Scholarship

The Entrance Scholarship will be awarded to new students in the Master of Finance Programme on the basis of academic merit at the time of admission. Subject to the performance of the candidates, the value of each scholarship will range from 10-50% of the prevailing Master of Finance tuition fee.

All eligible candidates will automatically be considered and no separate application for the scholarship is required. In the event of there being no suitable candidate in any year, no awards shall be made.


Merit-based Scholarship

The value of each scholarship shall be 10% of the tuition fee of the given intake. The Scholarship shall be awarded based on the student's performance in the relevant academic year, including, but not limited to, academic performance, participation in the extracurricular activities, recommendations from the course instructors, and level of support provided to the programme office.

Those who have already received the Entrance Scholarship will not be entitled to the Merit-based Scholarship. In the event of there being no suitable candidate in any year, no awards shall be made.


Fargo Wealth Excellence Scholarship

The Fargo Wealth Excellence Scholarship is donated by Fargo Wealth Group Limited which was set up by a group of Master of Economics (MEcon) and Master of Finance (MFin) alumni. Up to 10 scholarships are awarded to full-time first-year students in the Masters Programmes, on the basis of academic performance in the respective programme and contributions to the community of the respective masters programme. The scholarship will be valued at HK$10,000 and is tenable for one year.

Applications will be invited in March and results will be announced in May. In the event of there being no suitable candidate in any year, no awards shall be made.