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16 Sep 2019

Wind Workshop Session 1-2

WIND is the market leader in China's financial information services industry, dedicated to providing accurate and real-time information, as well as sophisticated communication platforms for financial professionals. In China, WIND serves more than 90% of financial institutions including hedge funds, asset management firms, securities companies, insurance companies, banks, research institutions, and government regulatory bodies. Overseas, they serve 70% of Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (QFII).

Being one of the premier provider of Chinese financial information, their data are frequently quoted by Chinese and international media, in research reports, and in academic papers. As the WIND financial database are is a comprehensive and powerful tool for financial professionals who need the most complete information on Chinese stocks, bonds, funds, futures, RMB rates, and the economy.

We've hosted training workshops for our Masters Programmes student to learn Wind Financial Terminal (WFT), one of the main products in WIND, in addition to Wind Economic Database (EDB) to help them gain the most comprehensive insights into China's economy and presenting them through the powerful graphics and data analysis tools.


WIND Workshop 1-2
WIND Workshop 1-2