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Words from Students & Alumni

Bryan Xiao

Mr Bryan Xiao

Master of Finance

I chose the MFin programme because after studying Computer Science and Journalism in Tsinghua, I believed an area that could combine my logical, diligent and communicative qualities would work best for me. This is definitely finance.

As for choosing the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong is a financial center full of opportunities for finance people and HKU MFin is a reputable programme. So, why not?

Derek Liu

Mr Derek Liu

Credit Analyst, China Life Franklin Asset Management

Master of Finance, Class of 2020

There were actually a lot of factors to consider when choosing schools. Eventually, the key reason for me choosing HKU was quite simple – it’s the A university in Hong Kong.

I am a finance person, so let me be practical. I had been thinking about working in global financial markets for quite some time, but I understand the future opportunities for finance lie in China. So naturally, Hong Kong. A global financial centre? Check. Strong connections with mainland markets? Check. Job opportunities? Check. And HKU is one of the best universities in Hong KongI believe its strong academic foundation in finance, its alumni network and its resources can really help me in achieving my career goal.


Choosing the Master of Finance (MFin) programme was also an easy decision. I wanted to continue my studies in finance, especially after I decided to work in the FICC area in global markets, and realised that there is so much I needed to catch up on. MFin offers four streams, including financial technology and many well-designed courses for students to strengthen their background in preferred areas. I found some of the courses really helped me enrich my understanding in FICC and develop the skills necessary in this area. I couldn’t think of any other master programme that had a curriculum structure nearly parallel to MFIN.


Thanks to the flexible curriculum of the MFIN programme, I didn’t choose to have an intensive course structure, which enableme to have more time on each course and explore opportunities.

The most amazing part of my study life in HKU was how well the courses are designed. I felt that the professors really devote a lot of time and energy to delivering the courses. Trust me, the courses are worth the tuition. I have graduated from one of the best universities in mainland China and exchanged to a top foreign university before, and I have to say the past several months have been my best study experience. In the mainland, most professors only teach, paying relatively little attention to studentsbut HKU professors really guide students to understand the materials and the real-world finance, and show you how to practice.

Rachael Hong

Ms Rachael Hong

Sales Finance Manager, Procter & Gamble

Master of Finance, Class of 2020

Toby You

Mr Toby You

Master of Finance, Class of 2020

Hong Kong is regarded as a world financial center with abundant finance related opportunities. I also like diversified values, tolerant culture & people with different backgrounds. HKU is a study community with a long-established history. I believed I could benefit from its strong teaching resources & alumni network.

The MFin Programme provides a wide range of study streams. I was able to enrich my finance knowledge systematically through the designed course structure. Some courses are rather practice-oriented, which could be helpful in the future career.

If you're interested to study the Master of Finance programme, planning your career path in advance would be beneficial, since you can then choose your internship & courses with clearer goals. As a member of the HKU family, you should make full use of all the study resources and also make a contribution to the community.

Jacob Zhang

Mr Jacob Zhang

Master of Finance, Class of 2019

Aldrich Ng

Mr Aldrich Ng

T&M Equity Derivatives, DBS Bank (Singapore) Limited
Master of Finance, Class of 2015

Very useful and practical for work. Solidifying my financial mathematics and computational skills. Great course!!

Jiayi Hong

Ms Jiayi Hong

FX and Rates Trader, Bank of China (Hong Kong)
Master of Finance, Class of 2015

It is a great chance to meet new people and gain new knowledge. My time in HKU MFin programme was an enriching and wonderful opportunity. 

Yonnes Chan

Mr Yonnes Chan

Portfolio Manager, Samsung Asset Management (HK) Limited
Master of Finance, Class of 2015

HKU MFin is a quantitative-based programme which provided me with a thorough understanding on financial markets and instruments. The programme offers comprehensive and up-to-date materials to students. With that, I was able to study a variety of existing financial products available in the market at that time and it was essential for my knowledge and career. 

HKU MFin also emphasizes on statistical, mathematical and computational training. The projects and assignments provided me with a great practice based on the practical scenarios and real-world situations. I had to apply and transform what we learnt into tools that are commonly used within the industry such as building up an Excel model to price a CDO which was very challenging. 

Stanley Yau

Mr Stanley Yau

Senior Vice President & Cluster Head, Greater Bay Area, Large Corporates, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Master of Finance, Class of 2013

The programme will be very challenging and you will need to find a good work-life balance, but make sure you every moment of the learning journey, as you will find that time flies quickly. Take the opportunity to meet and interact with people of different backgrounds. The HKU experience offers much more than just a certificate at the end.

Suri Hu

Ms Suri Hu

Assistant Professor, Guangdong University of Finance
Master of Finance, Class of 2013

As an international city with well-developed financial markets and renowned financial institutions, Hong Kong is without doubt one of the best choices for students who aspire to work in the financial industry. The University of Hong Kong, Asia’s top university, attracts and nurtures global scholars through excellence in research, teaching and learning, and knowledge exchange. This is why it was my first choice.

I got my bachelor degree in physics from Sun Yat-Sen University. I therefore had very little financial basis before I started to study at HKU. Literally speaking, the Master of Finance Programme helped me build my systematic framework of finance from scratch. Thanks to the programme, I passed CFA level I and II smoothly during the academic year, and passed level III after graduation. Furthermore, the learning experience at HKU also contributed to my pursuit of a Ph.D. degree in finance later, and made me both a CFA chartered holder and a certified FRM holder.

Zenki Kwan

Dr. Zenki Kwan

Associate Director, Fortune Management Limited

Master of Finance, Class of 2013

HKU Business School is not only a place where one can continually learn new things, but also a place that offers opportunities to achieve more. The Master of Finance Programme is directly adapted to the latest innovations in the world of finance, setting it apart from similar courses in this field and making it a great match for my interests. With the wide variety of courses, ranging from analysing financial statements to exploring the mathematics behind models like the Black-Scholes option pricing model, I was able to specialise in my preferred field within the wider finance domain. The experience I gained in programming and asset management and the wider knowledge during my Master programme ultimately led me to my current role in a single family office. In addition, the knowledge gained from this programme has laid a solid ground for me to conduct research and helped me earn my doctoral degree.

Future applicants, getting into any HKU Master Programme is highly competitive, so always prepare your application early to give yourself the best possible chance of acceptance. Think about how the University and programme fits into your own personal goals and what value you can bring to the programme and other cohorts.

It might be obvious, but time management is important. While you are pursuing your final year of undergraduate study or working full-time, researching information and finding the right programme for yourself may not be as easy as you may have expected. Having a balanced work, study and personal life is sometimes challenging, but I promise you, you will find it rewarding.

Aileen Song

Ms Aileen Song

Managing Director, AllianceBernstein, China
Master of Finance, Class of 2012

As a graduate of HKU MFin programme, I have not only acquired considerable financial knowledge but also been inspired by responsible and dedicated professors and lecturers. The MFin programme offered a good combination of academic theory and market practice. Its strong connection with people in the industry is a valuable asset in the path to success.

Joseph Kim

Mr Joseph Kim

Founder/Managing Director, Stirling Capital Advisory
Master of Finance, Class of 2008

The master of finance helped my make the transition from architecture to the finance industry. The program was broad but also relevant enough to provide me with a strong foundation of financial concepts that came handy when I went for rigorous interviews with hiring managers. At a later stage in my career, it gave me the breadth to be creative in coming up with different types of deal and financing structures for the private equity deals I was involved in.

The master of finance was well worth it as it gave me the platform to make a huge career transition and also gave me access to an alumni base that I contact from time to time.

To students who are interested in entering into the investment section, I would reccomend you:

  1. Be absolutely sure that you want to have a career in investment. The investment field is extremely competitive and tough. One should look beyond monetary compensations to see whether building a career in investment will make you happy and fulfil your goals in life.
  2. Do your research to find out early on, which investment niche or role that you will want to build a career on. Investment itself is a broad career discipline which can take you into multiple career paths and the roles within the investment field is quite diverse. Doing internships, externships and most importantly networking is crucial to find out what you will be interested in.
  3. The schools resources, such as the career office at HKU can also be valuable in obtaining information on different career pathways for investment. HKU FBE’s professors are also quite resourceful given that some of them may have had past careers in financial institutions, have an active consulting practice in a specific field of finance or have lots of contacts within the finance sector. The key is to be proactive and brave in approaching anyone that who could potentially give you advice but be courteous about it and don’t be let down if someone does not help you along the way.
Kate Kwan

Ms Kate Kwan

Executive Director, Head of Private Debt Mobilization Asia, Banco Santander
Master of Finance, Class of 2003

The HKU MFin programme is a very well structured programme, well-balanced academically and practicably. I have made good connections with classmates and have built long-term friendships. With the strong alumni network, graduates often get support from alumni like us.