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Preparation for CFA Examination

Our programme includes four fundamental courses in Financial Analysis that are based on the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) curriculum, specifically designed to broaden the candidates' knowledge of Quantitative Analysis, Financial Statement Analysis, Economics and Fundamentals of Asset Valuation, such as investment valuation and portfolio management. These four courses allow students to gain a solid knowledge base to prepare for all levels of the CFA examination. The Master of Finance faculty come from a variety of educational backgrounds: finance, economics, statistics, mathematics, law, accounting, and computer sciences, as well as other quantitative disciplines.


Double Concentration

Students can be awarded their degree with double concentration in any two of the three areas, provided that they have successfully completed all the core courses in both areas, plus two electives. Normally students are able to complete double concentration wthin one year.


Multiple Learning Streams

The Programme offers three streams: 1) Corporate Finance, 2) Financial Engineering and 3) Risk Management. Students may concentrate on one of the three areas, according to their interests and career aspirations.

Students are required to complete a total of 12 courses, including:

The 4 fundatmental core courses are based on CFA curriculum

curriculum structure 1

Curriculum Structure

MFin Curriculumn Structure 2

Remarks: Not all of the courses listed above will necessarily be offered each year and the above list is subject to further adjustments.
* Can be taken as an elective course, provided that it is not chosen as a core course.
^ Up to two elective courses may be taken from other taught postgraduate programmes offered by HKU Business School. Subject to availability and review by the Programme Director based on your profile, capabilities, and performance in the MFin Programme.

Core CoursesElective Courses


Course Exemption & Advanced Standing

Course Exemption

Course exemption of up to four required courses, except the capstone course, may be granted (normally by examination) if candidates:

  1. Produce evidence, such as a transcript and course syllabus, that a course is equivalent in content to another course taken elsewhere, for which a satisfactory grade has been obtained, or
  2. Are holding relevant professional qualifications which were obtained before admission to the programme.

No credits will be given for the exempted course and candidates shall be required to take an approved alternative course of the same credit value.


Advanced Standing

Advanced standing of up to two (for single concentration) or three (for double concentration) required courses, except the capstone course, may be granted if:

  1. The course is completed at a graduate, postgraduate or master level from a recognised programme elsewhere within the last four years before admission to the programme and a good grade in the course was achieved; or
  2. The candidate possesses a relevant professional qualification which was obtained before admission to the programme.

In such cases, no replacement courses will be required and the tuition fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Applications for course exemption and advanced standing are subject to the approval of the MFin Programme Director and committees concerned.