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A significant number of organisations look for job applicants with general management skills including global management as the capability to manage global business issues will have increasing importance for employees in Hong Kong and wherever globalisation is taking place.


Industry Demand

According to Hong Kong government statistics, the number of foreign companies registered in Hong Kong has been on the rise in the last five years, and an increasing number of organisations have been active in dealing with diversity issues, including cultural ones.

At present, over 8,700 overseas and Mainland companies have offices in Hong Kong, of which about half are regional headquarters and offices. With expanding globalisation, even younger employees have to be equipped to deal with colleagues, suppliers and clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

In the market itself, the jobs available to global management graduates include consultant trainees, managerial trainees, and general management trainees.


Career Advancement 

Developing the ability to deal with people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities both internal and external to an organisation can be key for career advancement.

Diversity is a competitive advantage and a key enabler of growth. It’s not just the multinationals, but smaller companies with global ambitions that are looking for graduates with the ability to support others working in a collaborative and global environment.

A qualiļ¬cation with the structure and values of this programme is what companies are looking for to extend their business across boundaries.