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Professor Chun HUI

Professor Chun HUI

The world is globalizing and understanding and management of the complexities inherent in individuals, teams and organizations across nations will only assume increasing importance. The ability to deal with people of diverse background and nationality both internal and external to the organization is a key for career advancement and success.

The Faculty of Business and Economics at The University of Hong Kong is in a unique position to offer a Master of Global Management. Due to her historic links with the rest of the world and her Chinese heritage, Hong Kong plays an important role both in western and Asian companies’ expansion to Hong Kong and China, as well as in Mainland China's drive for internationalization. Hong Kong is a vibrant cosmopolitan ideal for studying global management. Being the first university in Hong Kong has provided the University with deep historical, cultural and social roots and resources that open up opportunities for its students and alumni. The University is a renowned education and research institution. The Faculty of Business and Economics has a team of experts in global business. The Faculty established the Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Business Strategy that focuses on Hong Kong economy, the Institute for China and Global Development that focuses on Mainland China and its integration with the world economy, and the Asia Global Institute that focuses on understanding of the growth dynamics of Asia and its role in the world.

The programme is built on three themes that incorporate individual, organizational and national knowledge pertinent to effective management of global issues. The first theme is about human dynamics at the individual level to that of team, organizational, and cultural level. The second theme is about characteristics, functions and management of multinational organizations. The third theme is about characteristics of nations that implicate effective global management. The programme offers a range of learning experiences that sharpen analytical, communication and intellectual skills. The totality of the learning experience in this programme enables students to advance their careers that have to deal with global management issues.

Professor Chun HUI
Programme Director
Master of Global Management 


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