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Our Programme

Offered in full-time mode, the HKU MSc in Business Analytics programme aims to train students in the use of essential quantitative techniques and tools when applying big data analytics in strategic decision making for business and management.

Our programme delivers a rigorous learning experience across a wide spectrum of fields, including big data techniques, business statistics, simulation and forecasting models, operations and supply chain management, and financial and marketing analytics. The curriculum is structured as follows:

  • Information Analytics to understand the basis of data
  • General Analytics to transform data into information
  • Operations Analytics to convert information into executable actions
  • Capstone Course to tie the above three areas together through real world business projects

You will gain an in-depth knowledge of tools such as R and Python in applying data science and analytics in the business context. In addition to individual assignments and exams, some courses also require students to work on project presentations in a team setting. Case studies will be used to illustrate the application of business analytics skills in real world situations as well.

To graduate from our programme, you need to complete a total of ten 6-credit courses (60 credits), including five core courses (30 credits) and five elective courses (30 credits). Up to two courses may be taken in each module. All courses are taught in English. 

Curriculum Structure

*There may be adjustments to module arrangements in future intakes. 


The curriculum extends over a minimum of one academic year to a maximum of two academic years. Student will normally finish the programme in one academic year.

Classes are conducted on weekdays (morning/afternoon/evening) and Saturdays (morning/afternoon) at the HKU Cyberport Campus. Certain courses may be held at our Admiralty Town Centre or other venues. 

Boot Camp

We recruit students from diverse backgrounds each year to enrich the learning experience at our programme. To make sure everyone has a similar foundation to tackle the studies ahead, the Boot Camp covers basic knowledge in mathematical techniques, programming and statistics that are related to business analytics.

The Boot Camp lasts for 1.5 days and all students are encouraged to join. Those without a pure quantitative background can build up the essential competency through the Boot Camp whereas others can take the opportunity to brush up and refresh the relevant skills.

Business Analytics Capstone 

This core course, held at the end of the programme, allows you to integrate and apply the knowledge and techniques that you have learned in previous courses in a real world business analytics project. You work with a team of classmates and a dedicated faculty advisor using actual data to tackle business challenges. You gain solid experience in data mining, analysis and visualization, and deliver applicable solutions to clients in the final project presentation.

Admissions for 2020 intake is closed.

Admissions for 2021 intake will commence in September 2020.