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David S. Lee: South Korea faces vacuum with Park Geun-hye's ouster

(Spokesperson: Mr. David S. LeeSenior Lecturer of Law)


Park's removal does not end South Korea's leadership void

(Spokesperson: Mr. David S. LeeSenior Lecturer of Law)

31/01/2017 MBA畢業生薪酬升5% 10年最勁


(Spokesperson: Dr. Stephen ChingAssociate Professor of Economics)


Andrew Sheng & Xiao Geng︰Trumping the renminbi

(Spokesperson: Prof. Geng XiaoAssociate Professor of Economics)



(Spokesperson: Prof. Gary BiddleChair of Accounting)

20/01/2017 港大碩士新課程 培育商業分析人才
20/01/2017 港大碩士新課程 培育商業分析人才
20/01/2017 港大碩士新課程 培育商業分析人才

CCB compiles book on history of banks in HK

(Spokesperson: Prof. Chen Lin, Chair of Finance)


Modi’s Cash Ban Brings Pain, but Corruption-Weary India Grits Its Teeth

(Spokesperson: Prof. Geng XiaoAssociate Professor of Economics)


豪宅租金回報受 壓賺息差時代過去

(Spokesperson: Dr. Stephen ChingAssociate Professor of Economics)


樓市用錯藥 降溫需換藥

(Spokesperson: Dr. Stephen ChingAssociate Professor of Economics)



(Spokesperson: Prof. Zhiwu ChenDirector of Asia Global Institute)

05/12/2016 大學聯招金融系比重


(Spokesperson: Dr. Stephen ChingAssociate Professor of Economics)

28/11/2016 前海港企年底料達4100家 前三季合同利用外資逾400億美元 港企貢獻逾九成
28/11/2016 港大金融學入學門檻高
28/11/2016 Unions accuse firms of pushing pay gloom
28/11/2016 職工盟斥商界唱淡經濟壓加薪
28/11/2016 斥企業誇大港經濟進入寒冬 職工盟促加薪5%
27/11/2016 工會促加薪5% 經濟回暖企業不應再渾水摸魚

South Korea's Park can pull through

(Spokesperson: Mr. David S. LeeSenior Lecturer of Law)


跨境貸試水 “前海試驗”多維展開

(Spokesperson: Prof. Frank M. SongDirector of The Centre for China Financial Research)

08/11/2016 港大亞洲首創 培育私人銀行精英

South Korean anti-graft law misses revolving door

(Spokesperson: Mr. David S. Lee, Senior Lecturer of Law)




Demand For Compliance Managers Spurs MBA Job Creation In Finance

(Spokesperson: Mrs Maire Apiou, Director of Career Development Office)

(Spokesperson: Mr. Sachin Tipnis, Executive Director of HKU MBA)

Apple opens doors to digital currencies, such as bitcoin

(Spokesperson: Dr. Michael Chau, Associate Professor, School of Business)


Toy retailer upgrade plan scores win for local team

(HKU team won the HSBC Asia-Pacific Business Case Competition)

22/05/2014 過來人語:多參與勿怕羞 最易融入大學
17/05/2014 Empoweriong enterprise
08/05/2014 郭國全:內地水緊會波及港樓
07/05/2014 港大生hea做義工助人康復
30/04/2014 學者倡增提委 候選人最多4名
30/04/2014 Academics want more to choose
30/04/2014 Scholars call for bigger nominating committee that would represent more voters
30/04/2014 王于漸13學者方案 倡2400提委一半民選
30/04/2014 13學者倡增1,200名民選提委
26/04/2014 花旗銀行實務課程圓滿結束
24/04/2014 四港大生贏花旗實習職位
14/04/2014 小米熱唱 限時限量
10/04/2014 港大:今年樓價或跌逾10%
10/04/2014 IMF homes in on curbs amid slump
10/04/2014 港大料樓價今年跌15%
10/04/2014 租樓離婚率高 難照顧下代 王于漸:無樓族易陷跨代貧窮
10/04/2014 樓市倘正常化 IMF籲撤辣
10/04/2014 港大下調本港首季GDP
10/04/2014 曾俊華:樓市調控見效不鬆懈
10/04/2014 IMF:港樓市倘急調整  辣招可撤
10/04/2014 港大:今年加息可能性微
10/04/2014 港大料今季GDP增3.7%
03/04/2014 張介:中國應加快金改步調
31/03/2014 張介:治學和出名並不矛盾
26/03/2014 學者:CY迎難而上 施政表現不錯
24/03/2014 與尤德獎學金得主論時政 肥彭:港政制發展已有進步
21/03/2014 Debate in US over trade deficit with China heats up
20/03/2014 Debate in US over trade deficit with China heats up
09/03/2014 末代高考生 轉戰文憑試入港大
08/03/2014 Inspiring Change With the Women’s Directorship Programme
03/03/2014 Cathay to withhold US pilots’ wages for taxes
13/02/2014 阿斯頓馬丁供應鏈存監管漏洞 網友呼籲還中國企業清白
11/02/2014 棄厚職救援阿富汗人民 港人闖戰地 見武裝組織
11/02/2014 China’s economic growth in 2014
10/02/2014 港大銀行業實習課程開學
05/02/2014 港大女生 休學一年 闖窮鄉搞社企
04/02/2014 學者促解人才荒 仿星洲吸納精英
16/01/2014 MBA students compete to promote Operation Santa Claus charity drive
13/01/2014 Hong Kong’s economic climate
10/01/2014 港首季GDP料增3.5%
10/01/2014 港大預測2014經濟增長4%
10/01/2014 港大:本港全年經濟增長3.3%至4.1%
10/01/2014 歐美回穩 港大料今年增長最高4.1% 港經展望樂觀
10/01/2014 Getting inflation balance right

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