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HKU MBA Programme Ranked No. 1 in Asia By The Economist

Publishing Date: 05/10/2013 (Last Update: 05/10/2013)

(October 5, 2012, Hong Kong) In the latest World MBA Rankings released by The Economist today, HKU’s MBA Programme is again ranked No. 1 in Asia for the third consecutive year since 2010; the programme is also ranked No. 41 in the world.

Professor Eric C. Chang, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics of The University of Hong Kong, said, “Being the best in Asia and one of the top programmes in the world, HKU MBA is dedicated to providing first-class business education to leaders that target career advancement, career switch and individual enrichment. We do not only offer the right business knowledge but also the exposure, network and soft skills enhancement essential for professional and personal development. We believe our MBA students and alumni will translate the skills and knowledge they have acquired at HKU into practices that bring positive influence to the business world.”

Dr. Maurice Tse, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, remarked, “business schools and the business community are strategic partners as corporations look at MBA programmes to provide the talent pool critical to future growth and sustained success. At HKU MBA, we help students connect with the markets and also market themselves. Therefore, we continuously introduce new elements to the Programme, such as the Business Lab, that bring in up-to-date practical skill sets and academic knowledge relevant to the ever-changing business world. We feel encouraged by the recognition from the international and regional communities.”

Mr. Sachin Tipnis, Executive Director of HKU’s MBA Programme, added, “We highly value interaction between alumni and students that make the Programme more competitive and more conducive to knowledge and experience exchange. We have launched the Mentorship Programme to connect students with seasoned graduates and we have helped establish regional alumni chapters to strengthen their networks. Developing business contacts and personal networks are integral parts of the MBA experience, these value-added components will further our students’ advancement beyond intellectual growth.”

The HKU MBA Programme continues to grow in scale into week-end mode and China track, with strong demands from China, Asia, as well as Europe and North America. Its career services include career counselling and coaching as well as job placement tailor-made to fit the career goals, aspirations and directions of different students.

The Economist MBA Ranking is based on independent surveys on the following factors considered to be essential to their education by MBA students around the globe:

  • Open new career opportunities and/or further current career
  • Personal development and educational experience
  • Increase salary
  • Potential to network
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經濟學人雜誌全球 MBA 排名榜
香港大學 MBA 課程名列亞洲第一

(香港 – 2012 年 10 月 5 日) 香港大學 MBA 課程於今天公布的經濟學人雜誌世界 MBA 排名榜中由2010年起連續三年名列亞洲第一,而該課程的全球排名則列於第41位。

香港大學經濟及工商管理學院院長張介教授表示:「很高興港大能再次成為亞洲區最佳MBA學府,同時被認可為世界頂尖的工商管理碩士課程。我們致力提供一流的商業教育,使領袖在個人及事業兩方面均更上一層樓。港大 MBA 課程提供適切的商業知識之餘,亦擴闊學生的國際視野及交際網絡,並提升軟技巧,以促進學生在專業領域以及個人範疇的發展。我們相信這些商界精英能靈活應用在港大所學的商業知識和管理技巧,為商界帶來正面影響。」

港大經濟及工商管理學院副院長謝國生博士提到:「商學院和商業社會一向都是策略性夥伴,企業需要從商學院吸納一流人才,以維持長遠業務增長及可持續發展。因此,港大 MBA 課程不斷創新,以協助學生緊貼市場趨勢、了解市場需要,從而裝備自己以在商界運籌帷幄。今年,我們推出商業諮詢實驗室(Business Lab),請業界精英將最新商業資訊帶入課堂中,以鞏固學生的知識及鍛煉他們的實際應用技巧。MBA 課程所投入的資源和努力獲得國際認可,我們深感鼓舞。」

港大 MBA 課程行政總監Sachin Tipnis先生補充:「發展商業聯系和人際網絡是 MBA 學業旅程中一個不可或缺的經驗。港大 MBA 課程十分重視學生和校友之間的互動交流,這不但是個促進知識交流和經驗互換的重要平台,更能優化 MBA 課程。有見及此,我們開辦了師友計劃(Mentorship Programme),以保持學生和畢業生之間的聯系。我們更在世界各地成立了 MBA 校友會分會,以強化人際網絡。港大 MBA 課程的多元增值項目,將進一步提升學生的學術水平及商業素養,讓他們有更良好的發展。」

港大 MBA 課程範圍不斷擴展至週末以及中國重點課程,來自中國、亞洲其他地區、歐洲以至北美的學生數量不斷增加;港大亦同時加強就業發展服務,提供個別就業輔導、工作介紹及有關支援,以切合學生在事業發展方面的各種需要。

經濟學人 MBA 排名乃根據獨立調查的結果而定, 當中的準則涵蓋全球 MBA 學生公認的課程質素關鍵,包括:

  • 開拓新的就業機會與 / 或拓展目前事業的晉升機會
  • 個人發展與教育經驗
  • 薪酬的增長
  • 人際網絡的發展



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