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HKU Business School and KPMG collaborate to nurture accounting and business analytics talents

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Professor Hongbin Cai, HKU Dean of Business and Economics, and Ms. Ivy Cheung, Head of Audit, Hong Kong, KPMG China
28 Aug 2018
The Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Hong Kong (HKU Business School) and KPMG are collaborating to nurture accounting and business analytics talents.

To kick-off the HKU-KPMG partnership, a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) was signed by Professor Hongbin Cai, HKU Dean of Business and Economics, and Ms. Ivy Cheung, Head of Audit, Hong Kong, KPMG China, with the signatures witnessed by Professor Kai Wai Hui, Programme Director of Master of Accounting (MAcct), and Dr. Jingqi Wang, Programme Director of Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSc (BA)) and Mr. David Ko, Head of Audit,  and Mr. Stephen Mercer, Deputy Head of Audit, KPMG China.

The MoU outlines the collaboration between HKU Business School and KPMG, with an emphasis on bringing KPMG’s analytics technologies and real-life business experience to students of HKU Business School’s MAcct and MSc (BA) Programmes. With the support from KPMG, students under the two programmes of HKU Business School will gain knowledge of accounting and data analytics through activities such as seminars, industry projects, mentorship and internships.  

Professor Hongbin Cai, Dean, HKU Business School, said, “We are very honoured to partner with KPMG, a global network of professional service firms providing audit, tax and advisory services, to render D&A-specific training to our MAcct and MSc (BA) students. Both programmes are designed for individuals who aspire to become competent business leaders. By joining hands with KPMG, our students will be immensely benefited from a wide range of programmes and activities, the knowledge of the latest analytics tools, as well as hands-on experience in real life settings, all of which are preparing them to excel in future careers amidst today’s data-driven business environment. I believe this strong collaboration will nurture more and more talents in accounting and business analytics, and I look forward to the thriving and fruitful alliance with KPMG in the years to come.”

Ms. Ivy Cheung, Head of Hong Kong Audit, KPMG China, said, “It is an honour for KPMG to partner with the HKU Business School. The increasing importance of data and analytics is changing the way the accounting profession provides services today, professionals need to be data-savvy and possess analytical and critical thinking skills to solve client problems. It is KPMG’s intention to advance the education of accounting with data analytics.”

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