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Result announcement: A Tagline for HKU Business School!

04 May 2020
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2021 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School). The School has planned for a new branding campaign and invited our faculty members, students, staff and alumni to co-create a tagline that aligns with our vision and mission, and conveys powerful message to the community. 

We are thrilled to receive over 120 entries from the FBE community. Five outstanding ideas as follows are shortlisted based on the relevance to the School, creativity and catchiness of their tagline ideas: 


Connection with HKU Business School

Tagline Ideas

CHU Weng Lam

Alumnus (Class of 2019)

Forward, Beyond Expectations.


Alumnus (Class of 2010)

Enlighten minds | Brighten Tomorrow

LIU Liang

Alumnus (Class of 2014)

Bridge the world, build the future.

SUEN Wing Lam

Current student

Inspire Thinking, Aspire Leading.


Current staff

Empower · Inspire · Lead

*Listing in alphabetical order of surname

Congratulations to all the selected contributors and you will receive individual notification email accordingly.

Thank you everyone for your participation in this campaign. We are now finalising the tagline, based on the five selected ideas, to best reflect the uniqueness and highlight the essence of the School.

Please stay tuned to our upcoming events and we count on your support to make the 20th Anniversary Celebration a remarkable one.