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Catch Up with Big Data: How Big Data is Changing our World

big data

“Data is now like air.” One of the reports by McKinsey states. More and more corporations realise the importance of data analytics, blockchain, AI and the like. According to a Forbes article, big data adoption in enterprises soared from 17% in 2015 to 59% in 2018. Benefits of effective use of big data, such as higher efficiency, better information transparency, enhanced decision-making, improved customer satisfaction, are widely recognised. Yet is your company or your team ready to meet the new challenge?

It’s not only about deploying a new system, or hiring professionals in the field. It’s more about how the organisation adapt to the changes and the mindset and culture needed to cater to this new tide. Traditional industries may feel reluctant to adapt to the new changes as they are more prudent and tend to stick to the traditional way of operations and decision-making, even though data analytics show them the other way round. 

As the report by McKinsey shows, CEOs admit that incorporating analytics into the company strategy is about change management as it is about data science, and the essential factor is that “leadership has to commit to analytics”. To facilitate such digital transformation, data analytics talents as well as tech-understanding management are as equally important. Further education and training are inevitable for corporations to keep pace with the times.   

In view of this, Executive Education, HKU Business School has launched executive programmes in partnership with prestigious overseas business school and industry leaders in data analytics and big data to enable executives to use data to drive operational & strategic decision-making and create more values for their businesses. Pioneering in data analytics programmes, Executive Education, HKU Business School has launched its first-of-its-kind data analytics programme in 2016. Professionals from diversified industries, i.e. banking, retail, insurance, transportation, utilities, etc. have participated and gained much insights from our professors’ interactive lectures and action-learning projects.

Through sharing knowledge and trends in digital transformation and data analytics, participants will engage in discussions with fellow participants and network with data analysts, enabling them to make connections and develop possible business collaborations and partnerships.

Join us and gear up for the data challenges!

2020 Data Scientist Programme (in simplified Chinese only):

2020 HKU-Ivey Executive Leadership Programme in Data Analytics and Big Data (DABD):