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Dr. Hailiang CHEN

Dr. Hailiang CHEN

Innovation and Information Management

Associate Professor

3917 0016
Academic and Professional Qualifications
  • PhD, Purdue University
  • MS, Purdue University
  • BM, Tsinghua University
Brief Biography

Hailiang Chen is interested in the research areas of social media, fintech, multichannel management, business analytics, venture capital, entrepreneurship, mobile commerce, economics of information systems, and design science. His research has been published in elite business journals in information systems, finance, and management, including Information Systems Research (ISR), Management Science (MS), Review of Financial Studies (RFS), and Strategic Management Journal (SMJ). His research received media coverage in outlets such as Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Reuters, Seeking Alpha, TechSpot, and so on.

Teaching Interests
  • Business Analytics
  • Social Media
  • FinTech
  • Capstone Project
Research Interests

Social Media, FinTech, Big Data, Business Analytics, Multichannel Management, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship, Mobile Commerce, Economics of Information Systems, Design Science

  • Chen, Hailiang, Yu Jeffrey Hu, Michael D. Smith. 2018. The Impact of eBook Distribution on Print Sales: Analysis of a Natural Experiment. Management Science forthcoming.
  • Akcura, Tolga, Kemal Altinkemer, Hailiang Chen. 2018. Noninfluentials and Information Dissemination in the Microblogging Community. Information Technology and Management 19(2) 89-106.
  • Lee, Joon Mahn, Byoung-Hyoun Hwang, Hailiang Chen. 2017. Are Founder CEOs more Overconfident than Professional CEOs? Evidence from S&P 1500 Companies. Strategic Management Journal 38(3) 751-769.
  • Chen, Hailiang, Prabuddha De, Yu Jeffrey Hu. 2015. IT-enabled broadcasting in social media: An empirical study of artists’ activities and music sales. Information Systems Research 26(3) 513-531.
  • Chen, Hailiang, Prabuddha De, Yu Jeffrey Hu, Byoung-Hyoun Hwang. 2014. Wisdom of Crowds: The Value of Stock Opinions Transmitted Through Social Media. Review of Financial Studies 27(5) 1367-1403.
  • Chen, Hailiang, Hongyan Liu, Jiawei Han, Xiaoxin Yin, Jun He. 2009. Exploring optimization of semantic relationship graph for multi-relational Bayesian classification, Decision Support Systems 48(1) 112-121.