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Dr. Helen Hailin ZHAO

Dr. Helen Hailin ZHAO

Management and Strategy

Assistant Professor

3917 1640
KK 1317
Academic & Professional Qualification
  • PhD (Management and Organization), University of Iowa, 2012-2015
  • Principles of Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
Research Interest
  • Team Social Network
  • Leader Succession
  • Work and Time
Selected Publications
  • Zhao, H. H., Li, N., Harris, T. B., Rosen, C. C. & Zhang, X. (Forthcoming). Informational Advantages in Social Networks: The Core-periphery Divide in Peer Performance Ratings. Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Lam, W., Lee, C., Taylor, M. S., & Zhao, H. H. (2018). Does proactive personality matter in leadership transitions? Effects of proactive personality on new leader identification and responses to new leaders and their change agendas. Academy of Management Journal. 61(1), 245-263.
  • Deng, H., Walter, F., Lam, C., & Zhao, H. H. (2017). Spillover effects of emotional labor in customer service encounters toward coworker harming: A resource depletion perspective. Personnel Psychology. 70(2), 469-502.
  • Zhao, H. H., Seibert, S. E., Taylor, S. M., Lee, C & Lam, W. (2016) Not even the past: The joint influence of former leader and new leader during leader succession in the midst of organizational change. Journal of Applied Psychology. 101(12), 1730-1738
  • Li, N., Zhao, H.  H., Walter, S., Zhang, X., & Yu, J. (2015). Achieving More with Less: Extra Milers’ Behavioral Influences in Teams. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100 (4), 1025-1039.
  • Huang, G., Zhao, H. H.*, Niu, X. Y., Ashford, S. J., & Lee, C. (2013). Reducing job insecurity and increasing performance ratings: Does impression management matter? Journal of Applied Psychology, 98(5), 852-862. (*correspondence author)