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Dr. Stephen Y CHIU

Dr. Stephen Y CHIU


Associate Professor

2859 1056
KK 918
Academic & Professional Qualification
  • Ph.D., M.A., The Pennsylvania State University
  • B.S., University of London
  • Honors Diploma, Hong Kong Baptist College

Dr. Stephen Y CHIU received his undergraduate education in Physics at the Hong Kong Baptist College, and graduate education in Economics at the Pennsylvania State University, where he obtained his Ph.D. degree in 1995.  He had since taught at The Chinese University of Hong Kong until he joined The University of Hong Kong in 2002.  He has been the principal investigator of seven competitive earmarked grants, and was a Research Fellow in the Hong Kong Institute of Monetary Research during the summer of 2001. 

Steve is a theorist and has written papers in different areas of Economics.  He likes models in which decision makers have non-negligible effects on the environment where they situate. He has published a few papers on bargaining.  In one paper, the widely used solution concept Shapley value is implemented as the unique outcome in a non-cooperative game under the least restrictive conditions.  Two other papers clear up the profession's confusion on two concepts in bargaining theory -- threat point and outside option, providing important insights into the implications of the now influential property rights approach of firm theory.  He has also written papers on the micro-foundations of currency crisis, examining the issue of multiple equilibria in more realistic models of currency attacks.  More recently, he has worked on problems such as contract design, college admissions, and demography and political economy of reform, motivated by a contrast between China and Russia in their demography and reform experience.

For leisure, Steve enjoys hiking, reading and tai chi.  

Research Interest
  • Contracts and Organizations
  • Applied Theory
  • Political Economy
Selected Publications
  • "Task Interdependence and Non-Contractibility in Public Good Provision,"
    (with Bin R. Chen), Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, vol 170(4), 2014, pp. 731-748.
  • "Interim Performance Evaluation in Contract Design,"
    (with Bin R. Chen), Economic Journal, vol 123, issue 569, June 2013, pp. 665-698.
  • "Conglomerate Merger Control: From the Continents to a Small Economy,"
    (with Jessie Xinyu Wang), Frontiers on Law in China, vol. 8 (2), June 2013, pp. 304-334.
  • "Bargaining, Competition, and Efficient Investment,"
    (with Kalyan Chatterjee), Bargaining in the Shadow of the Market: Selected Papers in Bilateral and Multilateral Bargaining, (pp. 79-96), edited by Kalyan Chatterjee, World Scientific Press, 2013.
  • "Competitive Bidding with a Price Floor," 
    (with Bin R. Chen), International Journal of Economic Theory, vol 7(4), December 2011.
  • "To What Extent Defining a Group Predicates on Defining Other Groups?"
    (with Weifeng Zhong), Procedia-Social and Behavioral Science Journal (Elsevier), vol. 30, 2011, pp. 1672-1682.
  • "Public-Private Partnerships: Task Interdependence and Contractibility"
    (with Bin R. Chen), International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol 28 (6), 2010, pp. 591-603. (int contribution: III.8)
  • Game Theory and Economic Modeling,
    (in Chinese, with Pu Yongjian), the Renmin University Press, 2010.
  • "Endogenous Preferential Treatment in Centralized Admissions" 
    (with Weiwei Weng), Rand Journal of Economics, 40(2), Summer 2009, 258-282.(int contributions: III.1)
  • "When Does Competition Lead to Efficient Investments?" 
    (with Kalyan Chatterjee), The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, vol. 7 : 2007, Iss. 1 (Topics), Article 27.
  • "Noncooperative Bargaining, Hostages, and Optimal Assets Ownership," 
    American Economic Review, 88(4), September 1998, pp. 882-901