Dr. C.Y. TSE
BEcon/BEcon&Fin Admissions Tutor
Associate Professor

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Academic & Professional Qualification

  • Ph.D., New York University
  • M.Soc.Sc., The University of Hong Kong
  • B.Comm, Carleton University


Dr. Chung-Yi TSE has been at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) since 1996, after obtaining his Ph.D. from New York University.  He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Carleton University, and Master of Social Science in Economics from HKU.

Chung-Yi’s research interests include urban and regional economics, macroeconomics, and industrial organization.  He has published both theoretical and empirical research articles, spanning the fields of urban and regional economics, growth and development, labor economics, and industrial organization.  He has research papers published in academic journals including International Economic Review, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Theory, Review of Economic Dynamics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Regional Science and Urban Economics,International Journal of Industrial Organization, and Review of International Economics, among others.

He has been an associate editor of the Journal of Economics (formerly Zeitschrift Für Nationalökonomie) since 2005.

Research Interest

  • Urban and Regional Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Industrial Organization

Awards and Honours

  • 2015 Best Paper Award, 2015 Global Real Estate Summit, Washington D.C.
  • 1998 Young Scholar Awards, International Institute of Public Finance 53 Congress.

Selected Publications

  • “The Spatial Origin of Commerce,”
    International Economic Review 52 (2011), pp. 349-377.
  • “Entry and Exit Echoes,”
    (with Boyan Jovanovic), Review of Economics Dynamics 13 (2010), pp. 514-536.
  • “Thick Market Externalities in a Spatial Model,”
    Regional Science and Urban Economics 40 (2010), pp. 92-105.
  • “Learning investment and industrial diversity in urban growth,”
    Review of Economic Dynamics 11 (2008), pp. 413-433.
  • “Search frictions, market power, and long run growth,”
    Journal of Economic Theory 116 (2004), pp. 323-346.
  • “Monopoly, Human Capital Accumulation and Development”,
    Journal of Development Economics 61 (2000), pp. 137-174.