Jayson Shi JIA
Dr. Jayson Shi JIA
Associate Professor

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KK 717

Academic & Professional Qualification

  • B.A. Economics, Yale University 2008
  • Ph.D. Marketing, Stanford University Graduate School of Business 2013


Dr. Jia’s research focuses on behavioral dynamics in the digital era, and studies 1) the psychology of risk and uncertainty, 2) the structure of consumer experiences, and 3) networked human behavior. Much of his current work combines social and natural experiments with digital data, for example by using movement data to model the spread of COVID-19, mapping population-scale psychological preferences with mobile app data, and using natural experiments to link social network structure and behavior. While theoretically grounded in behavioral theory, this research differs qualitatively from traditional consumer behavior research in their emphasis on verifiable field behavior, big data, and causal instruments.


  • Digital Marketing (MKTG 3524 for undergraduates, MSMK7004 for MSc)

Selected Publications

Selected Manuscripts Under Review and Working Papers

  • “The Impact of Previews on the Enjoyment of Multi-component Extended Multimedia Experiences,” Jayson S. Jia, Baba Shiv
  • “How Structure of Embeddedness Drives Social Dynamics in Families,” Jayson S. Jia, Yiwei Lee, Xin Lu, Nicholas Christakis, Jianmin Jia
  • “Seeing Fast and Slow: The Effect of Slow Motion Video on Consumer Persuasion”, Yunlu Yin, Jayson S. Jia, Wanyi Zheng
  • “Social Constraints on Human Mobility with High Speed Rail,” Jayson S. Jia, Yiwei Lee, Yijian Ning, Nicholas Christakis, Jianmin Jia
  • “The Importance of Embedded Ties,” Jayson S. Jia, Yiwei Lee, Xin Lu, Nicholas Christakis, Jianmin Jia
  • “Advertising Blink: Seeing but not Remembering Serially Presented Visual Marketing,” Yunlu Yin, Jayson S. Jia
  • “The Social Characteristics Driving Mobile Social Response to Strangers,” Jayson S. Jia, Xianchi Dai, Jianmin Jia, MSI Working Paper
  • “Change Appeals: How Referencing Change Boosts Curiosity and Promotes Persuasion,” Daniela M. Kupor, Jayson S. Jia, Zakary L. Tormala
  • “Recency and Reciprocity Drive the Evolution of Social Networks”, Xin Lu, Jayson S. Jia, Jianmin Jia

Major Grants and Awards

  • 2019 MSI Young Scholar, Marketing Science Institute
  • 2012 Alden G. Clayton Doctoral Dissertation Award (Sole Winner), Marketing Science Institute
  • Monitoring, early warning and response to major infectious diseases based on big data,” Special Grant for COVID-19, Natural Science Foundation of China, #72042009, RMB 500,000 (one of 20 projects accepted out of 1,869 applications), Co-Investigator
  • “Field Studies on Phishing Susceptibility in Mobile Social Networks,” Earmarked Research Grant #14505217, the Research Grant Council of Hong Kong, HK$ 748,071, 9/2017-8/2019,  Principal Investigator
  • “Hedonic combinatorics: How combining unrelated products affects product enjoyment”, Earmarked Research Grant #17506316, Research Grant Council of Hong Kong, HK$ 969,240 (~US$ 125,000), 1/2017-7/2019, Principal Investigator
  • “The Taste of a Good Deal: How Transactional Utility Affects Experiential Utility”, Earmarked Research Grant #27500114, Research Grant Council of Hong Kong, HK$ 569,600 (~US$ 73,000), 9/2014-12/2016, Principal Investigator
  • “Big Data Based Customer Insights and Marketing Strategy Research,” Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China #71490722, RMB 2,850,000, 1/2015-12/2019, Co-Investigator

Recent Publications



A brave new world for marketing

As coronavirus rages across the globe, online business is still booming, with data and analytics driving this trend. People now marooned at home for the foreseeable future are finding the daily goods they need from online stores, solace in conferencing apps, and entertainment provided by streaming platforms. The world is revolving increasingly online with lockdowns in place, and data is being even further highlighted as an undisputable source of wealth.

Population flow drives spatio-temporal distribution of COVID-19 in China

The research study co-authored by Dr. Jayson Jia, Associate Professor in Marketing, HKU, Xin Lu, College of Systems Engineering, National University of Defense Technology, Yun Yuan, School of Economics and Management, Southwest Jiaotong University, Ge Xu, School of Management, Hunan University of Technology and Business, Jianmin Jia, Shenzhen Finance Institute, School of Management and Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Nicholas A. Christakis, Yale Institute for Network Science, Yale University is covered by a number of international media.