Dr. Jing LI
BBA(IBGM) Deputy Programme Director
BBA(IBGM) Admissions Tutor

3917 0024

KK 938

Academic & Professional Qualification

  • PhD, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Master, Central University of Finance and Economics
  • Bachelor, China Youth University for Political Sciences


Dr. Jing Li obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Economics from the Pennsylvania State University. She also holds an M.A. in Finance from the Central University of Finance and Economics, and a B.A. in Economics from the China Youth University for Political Sciences. Dr. Li also worked in Caterpillar (China) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

Dr. Li’s current research focuses on the determinants of consumer demand, emphasizing the role of consumers’ preference for variety and product healthy attributes. She is also interested in the relationship between product quality and productivity, and how they together shape firms’ competence in supply and demand. Dr. Li’s teaching interest includes Industrial Organization, Consumer Behaviour, Business Strategy, Commodity Market, Marketing Research, and Chinese Economy.


China Economy

Research Interest

  • Empirical Industrial Organization
  • Consumer Demand Modeling
  • Applied Econometrics

Selected Publications

  • “Demand for Ready-to-Eat Cereals with Household-level Censored Purchase Data and Nutrition Label Information: A Distance Metric Approach”, with Edward C. Jaenicke, Tobenna D. Anekwe, and Alessandro Bonanno, Agribusiness, 34(4): 687-713, 2018.
  • “Food Insecurity and Food Access in U.S. Metropolitan Areas”, with Alessandro Bonanno, Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 37(2):177-204, 2014.
  • “Food Insecurity and Access”, with Alessandro Bonanno, Focus, 29 (1):18-20, Spring/Summer 2012, Institute for Research on Poverty at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Working papers

  • Holding Productivity Comparable: The Role of Quality in Measuring Productivity Growth”, with Shengyu Li and Hongsong Zhang.
  • How Important is Preference for Variety in Consumer Demand: Evidence from Ready-to-Eat Cereal Market”, with Edward C. Jaenicke.
  • Quantify the Effect of Changing Healthy Attributes in Ready-to-Eat Cereal Market”, with Edward C. Jaenicke.
  • Welfare Impacts from Store Attribute-Based Policy Interventions in an Urban Setting: An Application to Philadelphia”, with Lauren Chenarides and Edward C. Jaenicke.