Dr. Shuqing LUO
Accounting and Law
Associate Professor

3917 1533

KK 1216

Academic & Professional Qualification

  • PhD: University of Pittsburgh 2010
  • Master: Nanyang Technological University 2003


  • July 2018 – now, Associate professor (with tenure) of accounting, The University of Hong Kong
  • Nov 2010 – June 2018, Assistant professor of accounting, National University of Singapore (NUS)


  • Managerial Accounting, NUS                                              2016-2018
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics, NUS                           2014-2015
  • Introduction of Financial Accounting, NUS                       2010-2013
  • Financial Accounting, University of Pittsburgh                2008

Research Interest

  • Industrial Organization And Information Transfer
  • Financial Analysts
  • Financial Reporting And Disclosure
  • Executive Compensation
  • Corporate Governance

Selected Publications

  • Lenders’ experience with borrowers’ major customers and the debt contracting demand for accounting conservatism, 2018, with Guojin Gong. The Accounting Review 93(5).
  • Information complementarities and supply chain analysts, 2015, with Nandu J. Nagarajan. The Accounting Review 90(5): 1995-2029.
  • Making the same mistake all over again: CEO overconfidence and corporate resistance to corrective feedback, 2015, with Guoli Chen, and Craig Crossland. Strategic Management Journal 36 (10): 1513-1535.
  • Probation passed: Earnings management in interim CEOs succession episodes, 2015, with Guoli Chen, Yi Tang, and Jamie Y. Tong. Academy of Management Journal 58 (5): 1389-1418.
  • CEO turnover, financial distress and contractual innovations, 2014, with John Harry Evans III, and Nandu J. Nagarajan. The Accounting Review 89 (3): 959-990.
  • Client-auditor supply chain relationships, audit quality, and audit pricing, 2014, with Karla Johnston, and Chan Li. Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory 33 (4): 119-166.
  • Why do CFOs become involved in material accounting manipulations?, 2011, with Mei, Feng, Weili Ge, and Terry Shevlin. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 51 (1-2): 21-36.

Service to the University/Community

  • Ad Hoc reviewer for:  The Accounting Review, Management Science, Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, Accounting Horizon, Accounting and Finance, Australian Journal of Management; European Journal of Management; Financial Analysts Journal; Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance; Journal of Management Accounting Research; Hong Kong Government’s Research Grant Council; AAA annual meetings, CAAA annual meetings, EAA annual meetings, FARs mid-year meetings, AAA managerial accounting mid-year meetings, and AAA mid-year auditing meetings, etc.
  • Discussant for:  AAA annual meetings, CAAA annual meetings, EAA annual meetings, FARs mid-year meetings, AAA managerial accounting mid-year meetings, AAA mid-year auditing meetings, Multi-national Finance Society Annual Conference, Singapore Management University Accounting Symposium, etc.