Xiaowei Zhang
Dr. Xiaowei ZHANG
Innovation and Information Management
Assistant Professor

3910 2150

KK 801

Academic & Professional Qualification

  • PhD in Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University
  • Master in Financial Mathematics, Stanford University
  • Bachelor in Mathematics, Nankai University


Xiaowei Zhang received his Ph.D. degree in Management Science and Engineering and M.S. degree in Financial Mathematics, both from Stanford University. Dr. Zhang holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Nankai University.


IIMT2641: Introduction to Business Analytics

MACC7006: Accounting Data and Analytics

MSBA7021: Prescriptive Analytics

Research Interest

Stochastic simulation, decision analytics, statistical learning, mathematical finance

Selected Publications

  • H. Shen, L. J. Hong, and X. Zhang (2020+). Ranking and selection with covariates for personalized decision making. INFORMS Journal on Computing, forthcoming.
  • W. Fan, L. J. Hong, and X. Zhang (2020). Distributionally robust selection of the best. Management Science, 66(1), 190-208.
  • H. Shen, L. J. Hong, and X. Zhang (2018). Enhancing stochastic kriging for queueing simulation with stylized models. IISE Transactions50(11), 943-958.
  • X. Zhang, J. Blanchet, K. Giesecke, and P. W. Glynn (2015). Affine point processes: Approximation and efficient simulation. Mathematics of Operations Research, 40(4), 797-819.
  • X. Zhang and P. W. Glynn (2011). On the dynamics of a finite buffer queue conditioned on the amount of loss. Queueing Systems, 67(2), 91-110.