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Research Digests

Feb 2020
Management and Strategy

Corporate social responsibility: Doing good is good for business

Building positive perception of a company’s activities in corporate social responsibility among employees can result in valuable benefits, including increasing employees’ loyalty to the company and slowing turnover rates.
Ant Financial
Jul 2019
Management and Strategy

Ant Financial: Innovation beyond fintech

If you thought the most successful financial technology companies focus their efforts solely on financial services, think again. Ant Financial, the Chinese fintech giant renowned for its innovative and widely popular products, is also an innovator when it comes to CSR, or corporate social responsibility.
Jul 2019

Going for green: How green bonds benefit shareholders

Demand for green bonds has grown in leaps and bounds since the market was launched in 2007. Beyond the important environmental projects they fund, they also bring benefits to shareholders.
Jan 2019
Accounting and Law

Accounting for Asymmetrical Information

For top managers in conglomerates, gathering information from their divisions that is both complete and accurate is not an easy task, while for capital markets, it’s crucial that the information shared externally is of the highest quality. Five accounting experts found that when internal information asymmetry occurs, the quality of that information suffers.
Jul 2018
Innovation and Information Management

Goldilocks Upended: When it comes to discounts, medium-sized orders are not in the sweet spot

Long held assumptions about the mutually incremental relationship between quantities and discounts have been upended by new research. The rule of thumb that the bigger the purchase quantity, the higher the discount is shown not to hold true for medium-sized customers buying products such as semi-conductors, with implications for other products and industries.