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Research Digests

Feb 2020
Management and Strategy

Corporate social responsibility: Doing good is good for business

Building positive perception of a company’s activities in corporate social responsibility among employees can result in valuable benefits, including increasing employees’ loyalty to the company and slowing turnover rates.
Ant Financial
Jul 2019
Management and Strategy

Ant Financial: Innovation beyond fintech

If you thought the most successful financial technology companies focus their efforts solely on financial services, think again. Ant Financial, the Chinese fintech giant renowned for its innovative and widely popular products, is also an innovator when it comes to CSR, or corporate social responsibility.
Jan 2015
Management and Strategy

Managing knowledge for radical product innovation development in China

Companies like Apple, Intel, and Yingli Solar are producing products that radically shape the nature of product markets. But what strategies should managers apply if they want to raise or leverage the firm’s capabilities to develop leading innovative products?