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Research Digests

Jan 2019
Accounting and Law

Accounting for Asymmetrical Information

For top managers in conglomerates, gathering information from their divisions that is both complete and accurate is not an easy task, while for capital markets, it’s crucial that the information shared externally is of the highest quality. Five accounting experts found that when internal information asymmetry occurs, the quality of that information suffers.
Jul 2018
Management and Strategy

Goldilocks Upended: When it comes to discounts, medium-sized orders are not in the sweet spot

Long held assumptions about the mutually incremental relationship between quantities and discounts have been upended by new research. The rule of thumb that the bigger the purchase quantity, the higher the discount is shown not to hold true for medium-sized customers buying products such as semi-conductors, with implications for other products and industries.
Feb 2018

BEAUTY: In the Eye of the consumer?

New research into consumer buying behaviour shows that endowing products with human-like characteristics increases their appeal to customers when the product has attractive appearance design. By adapting their product designs and packaging in line with these findings, marketers and product developers can gain an edge over the competition and improve the chances that customers will choose their products.
Aug 2017

How Fake News Spreads

Timely new research shows that while rumors alone may have limited impact, their impact increases when they reinforce existing beliefs. Add effective communication, and rumors can lead to high-impact action.
Feb 2017

The Hidden Price of War

Assessments of the costs of war are typically based on rebuilding costs. New research shows that the economic costs run much deeper and last far longer than is commonly assumed.