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Research Digests

Jul 2016

Investing in enjoyment delivers positive returns for financial services

As financial markets continue to test the confidence of banking customers, emotions play a central role in developing a customer’s trust and commitment to the brand; so how should banks go about managing for emotional behaviour s in the production and delivery of their financial services?
Jan 2016

Unbundling the benefits and risks of Guanxi

Guanxi networks have served many Chinese and foreign firms well in their pursuit of Chinese consumer markets. However, will this service continue as China transitions toward a more developed and globally competitive market economy?
Jun 2015
Innovation and Information Management

Do you know what bloggers are saying about your business?

It’s no secret that private bloggers tend to speak freely in their conversations about firms and their products. But how can firms tap into blogs and build their Business Intelligence?
Jan 2015
Management and Strategy

Managing knowledge for radical product innovation development in China

Companies like Apple, Intel, and Yingli Solar are producing products that radically shape the nature of product markets. But what strategies should managers apply if they want to raise or leverage the firm’s capabilities to develop leading innovative products?