General Research Fund

Early Career Scheme



GRF 2020-21

Dr. D.K.W. Chan會計學及法學Board’s Dual Role of Advising and Monitoring CEOs and CEO Retention Decisions284,587
Dr. S. Luo會計學及法學CEO Political Ideologies and CSR Contracting in Compensation Design413,475
Dr. N. Rahman會計學及法學Market reaction to earnings news of strategic alliance partners: The good, the bad, and the contagion438,571
Professor G. Zhang會計學及法學Characteristics of business operations, investment flexibility, and value generation383,515
Dr. S. Park經濟學Opening the Black Box of North Korea's Economy: Deep Learning with Daytime Satellite Imagery401,000
Professor W.C. Suen經濟學Private tutoring as a signal-jamming activity271,994
Dr. P. Xu經濟學Selectivity in Auctions with Costly Entry: Estimation, Inference, and Counterfactuals413,450
Dr. Y. Xu經濟學Reneging at a cost: the optimal selling mechanism and regulation267,336
Dr. P. Yu經濟學Calibrating the Confidence Intervals in Threshold Regression320,000
Dr. C. Zhao經濟學Prior Bias, Mistrust, and Garbling: An Experiment550,950
Dr. X. Fang金融學Emerging Market Spreads and Risk Premium: The Risk-free Rate Channel306,032
Dr. S. Huang金融學Deciphering Dynamic Liquidity Management with Derivatives in Mutual Funds386,800
Dr. T.A. Maurer金融學Pricing Implications of Inter-Cohort Heterogeneity in FX Markets548,000
Dr. M. Tai金融學From the owner to the business: how do small business owners’ personal financial wellbeing affect their businesses?683,614
Dr. J. Zhang金融學Housing Policy and Access to Finance for Small Business280,000
Dr. H. Chen創新及資訊管理學A Social Proximity Measure based on Knowledge Graph Embedding763,000
Dr. E. Park創新及資訊管理學Impact of emergency department waiting time announcements on patient behavior592,000
Dr. D. Yang創新及資訊管理學Statistical Learning of Big Data with Dynamic Tensor Structure599,861
Dr. X. Zhang創新及資訊管理學Ranking and Selection with Covariates: Simulation for Contextual Decision-Making873,995
Professor C. Hui管理及商業策略學Ideal or not so ideal? A Career Resourcing Approach to Effects of Idiosyncratic-deals on Employee Career Success377,984
Professor J. Li管理及商業策略學The management of incentives for waiting361,999
Dr. C. Sun管理及商業策略學Input Sourcing and Output Market Power540,425
Professor Z. Tao管理及商業策略學Choice of hospital by patients in China528,360
Dr. Z. Yan管理及商業策略學Antecedents of Corporate Political Strategies: A Political Network Perspective725,710
Professor K.Z. Zhou管理及商業策略學Capability Asymmetry and Innovation Performance in Buyer-Supplier Product Co-Development: A Dyadic and Dynamic View580,000
Dr. H.M. Jia市場學How Animated Movement Speed in Video Ads Shapes Consumer Responses: An Affective Reaction Perspective530,196

GRF 2019-20

Professor H. Cai經濟學Intrinsic Motivations, Incentives and Corporate Culture515,400
Dr. H. Chen創新及訊息管理學The Relationship Among Digital Download, Digital Rental and Subscription-based Streaming505,079
Dr. T.T. Gu會計學及法學Do Retail Investors Affect Corporate Disclosure Policies? Evidence from the 2013 Tax Policy Change in the Alternative Investment Market304,618
Dr. S. Huang金融學Guaranteed-Loan Networks383,133
Dr. T.W. Kim會計學及法學Labor Market for Accounting Experts and Investment Efficiency240,000
Professor K.S.J. Kung經濟學The Rise of Communism in China988,834
Professor S.H. Lau經濟學Public annuities: Understanding annuity buyers’ decision and proposing welfare-improving solutions404,431
Professor J. Li管理及商業策略學Designing Power Structure536,480
Dr. J. Li會計學及法學Accounting information quality and risk shifting with asymmetrically informed creditors206,722
Professor C. Lin金融學Credit Supply and Healthcare Service Quality563,518
Dr. T. Liu金融學Implementing Auction Designs via Market Feedback320,000
Dr. Y. Luo經濟學Ambiguous Consumption and Portfolio Decisions with Labor Income and Stochastic Differential Utility329,961
Dr. K. Na會計學及法學Political Ideology and Corporate Tax Avoidance490,966
Dr. P. Yu經濟學Panel Threshold Regression with Unobserved Individual-Specific Threshold Effects450,000
Dr. Y. Zheng管理及商業策略學Do Political Connections Stifle Firm Innovation? Quasi-experimental Evidence from China’s Anti-corruption Campaigns339,900
Professor K.Z. Zhou管理及商業策略學Is Bribery Beneficial to Firm Performance in China? The Overlooked Side Effect on Market Capabilities526,745

GRF 2018-19

Dr. L.H.L. Chan會計學及法學The effect of career opportunities after retirement and auditor's behavior208,800
Dr. M.C.L. Chau創新及訊息管理學Factors Moderating the Predictive Power of Social Media Sentiment on Stock Returns382,410
Dr. C. Chen經濟學Optimal Forecasting under Informational Frictions: Theory and Evidence414,000
Dr. H. Chen經濟學Leaders and Social Changes164,925
Dr. L. Gu金融學Inflexibility and Capital Structure Decisions283,492
Dr. P.P. Karhade創新及訊息管理學Search for Innovation: Integrating the Behavioral Theory of the Firm with Agency-Theoretic Explanations717,470
Dr. A. Kathuria創新及訊息管理學Information Signals in Microsourcing Platforms170,697
Professor C. Lin金融學Credit Supply and Labor Policies450,000
Dr. T. Liu金融學Guiding Target Shareholders301,492
Dr. Y. Liu金融學Commodity, Asset Returns, and Inflation482,400
Dr. C. Ma經濟學Knowledge Diffusion and Scientific Production in Historical China, 1550-1800324,333
Dr. K. Na會計學及法學Turnover Risk and CEO Compensation: Evidence From a Natural Experiment244,800
Dr. S. Shim管理及商業策略學Consequences of Nonverbal Cues During Computer-Mediated Communications: The Impact of a Leader's Emoticons on Employees' Creativity at Work271,062
Professor W.E. Wan市場學The Impact of Access-Based, Liquid Consumption in the Sharing Economy on Consumer Moral Behavior470,511
Dr. X. Wang會計學及法學Firm's Cost Structure and IPO Price Formation330,099
Dr. Z. Wang金融學Toxic Emissions and Inventor Migration445,489
Dr. H. Zhang經濟學Capital Goods, Intermediate Goods and Gains from International Sourcing: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms485,207

GRF 2017-18

Dr. D.K.W. Chan會計學及法學Critical Audit Matter Disclosure314,596
Professor E.C. Chang金融學The Effect of Stock Market Indexing on the Quality of Options Market442,027
Dr. S. Huang金融學Dividend Catering and Learning from Stock Prices241,127
Professor K.W. Hui會計學及法學Accounting Quality and Supply Chain Mergers and Acquisitions263,826
Professor S.H. Lau經濟學Effects of mortality decline on life-cycle variables: A state-dependent approach221,613
Dr. D. Li金融學Supply Chain, News and Post-earnings Announcement Drift346,060
Dr. J. Li會計學及法學A Framework of Network Analysis Based on Quadruple Book-entry Accounting System318,482
Dr. X. Li會計學及法學Does Increased Mandatory Risk Disclosure Lead to Investor Perceptions of Higher Risk?  Evidence from Cross-listed Firms in China and Hong Kong328,458
Professor C. LinFinanceDo Managerial Incentives Matter? Evidence from SOE Pay-Cap Reforms in China473,885
Dr. T. Liu金融學Optimal Securities Auctions with Entry Costs179,202
Dr. Y. Luo經濟學Parameter Uncertainty and Consumption Volatility in General Equilibrium189,158
Dr. T.W.H. Ng管理及商業策略學Two Sides of the Same Coin: Disentangling the Contrary Effects of Perspective Taking on Employee Creativity368,360
Professor L.D. Qiu經濟學Intellectual Property Rights, Innovator Migration and Technology Diffusion402,281
Professor Z. Tao管理及商業策略學Hospital heterogeneity, quality certification, and impacts of competition320,569
Professor D.K.C. Tse市場學MNCs as Good Parents: Strategy Tenets and Nurturing Mechanisms435,163
Dr. J. Wang創新及訊息管理學The Impact of the Bundled Payment Policy Scheme on Operational Performance in Health Care522,654
Dr. P. Yu經濟學Testing Unconditional Rank Preservation and Conditional Rank Similarity in Quantile Treatment Effects Evaluation139,379

GRF 2016-17

Dr. C.M.K. Chan管理及商業策略學A Dynamic Institution-based View of Foreign Firm Performance453,750
Dr. M.C.L. Chau創新及訊息管理學The Impact of Average Rating and Information Disparity on Consumer Perception of Review Diagnosticity518,500
Dr. C. Chen經濟學Uncertainty, Trade and FDI: Short-Run and Long-Run Impact of China-Japan Island Disputes330,000
Dr. S.Y.W. Chiu經濟學Demography and Political Economy of Large-Scale Economic Reform299,000
Dr. T.T. Gu會計學及法學The Impact of the Credit Default Market on Auditors: Evidence from Audit Pricing and Going Concern Reporting242,700
Dr. S.J. Jia市場學Hedonic combinatorics: How combining unrelated products affects product enjoyment969,240
Dr. H.H. Kwok經濟學Estimation Methods for Social Interaction Models with Unknown Networks196,000
Dr. H. Lee創新及訊息管理學Mitigating the Impacts of Natural Disasters on Firms and Supply Chains715,992
Dr. T.W.H. Ng管理及商業策略學You Speak, I Speak: The Dynamic Contagion Effects of Coworker Voice on Employee Voice510,550
Dr. B. Qin經濟學The effect of anti-corruption campaigns on the value of political connections: evidence from Chinese listed companies240,000
Professor W.C. Suen經濟學Competing for Limited Attention in Large Media Markets282,000
Dr. Y. Tang金融學Do Credit Default Swaps Reduce the Information Advantage of Corporate Insiders?450,550
Professor Z. Tao管理及商業策略學Getting back a level playing field: evidence from China's private enterprises297,000
Dr. S.H. Wang市場學Evoking Novelty-Seeking Adoption of User-Innovations: Effects of Differential Sequencing of Category Positioning Strategies between Domain and Non-Domain Adopters394,900
Dr. X. Wang會計學及法學CEO's Subsidiary Position and Firm's Tax Avoidance285,000
Dr. P. Xu經濟學Information transmission and efficiencies in foreclosure sales352,500
Dr. Y. Xu金融學Displacement risk and value premium: a global analysis639,580
Dr. Y. Xu經濟學Interdealer Trades in Over-the-Counter (OTC) Markets - Who Buys and Who Sells?227,750
Dr. P. Yu經濟學Inferences and Specification Testing in Threshold Regression with Endogeneity330,000
Dr. W. Zhang創新及訊息管理學Technology Adoption in Firm Networks618,000
Dr. Y. Zhang管理及商業策略學Early dysfunctional parental influence in leadership development: An adult attachment perspective387,000
Professor K.Z. Zhou管理及商業策略學Ambidexterity of International Joint Ventures in China: Institutional Drivers and Performance Implications330,000
Dr. H. Zou金融學Director liability, talent attraction and retention: Evidence from a natural experiment661,050

GRF 2015-16

Dr. P. Hsu金融學Technology replacement and stock returns360,870
Dr. S.C.S. Lai金融學Do Innovation-Focused Shareholders Spur Corporate Innovation?251,420
Professor C. Lin金融學Does Corporate Governance Affect Debtholder Value? Evidence from Shareholder Voting762,800
Dr. Y. Luo經濟學Robustness, Intertemporal Hedging Demands, and Precautionary Savings in a Partially Observable Economy165,000
Dr. H. Zhang經濟學Export Destination, Product Quality, and Margins of Chinese Products in the International Markets339,000
Dr. S. Zhang經濟學In search of systematic distress risk319,151
Dr. M.K. Ahn會計學及法學The Use of Direct Method Cash Flow Presentation and the Cost of Capital240,830
Dr. M.C.L. Chau創新及訊息管理學The Effects of Traditional Media and Social Media on Penny Stocks and Non-penny Stocks621,500
Dr. S. Kim市場學Understanding the Motivation to Help under Mortality Salience369,000
Dr. X. Li會計學及法學Monitoring Role of the Press – Evidence from Press Coverage of Chinese Firms Listed in the U.S.295,000
Dr. T.W.H. Ng管理及商業策略學Discrete Employee Emotions and Voice Behavior: A Longitudinal Investigation of the Reciprocal Relationships366,000
Professor C.W. Park會計學及法學CEO Turnover, Incentives and Firm Life Cycle326,480
Dr. E.W. Wan市場學The Influence of Customer Density on Consumer Experience with Anthropomorphized Self-Serving Technologies412,751
Dr. J. Wang創新及訊息管理學Optimizing Reliability and Extended Warranty Pricing Decisions in a Supply Chain299,996

GRF 2014-15

Dr. H. Chen經濟學Political Economy of Middle Class Activism281,285
Dr. X. Hu金融學Tri-party Repo Pricing512,800
Dr. T.C. Lin金融學How hedging and speculation demands in equity lending market are related to put option trading?232,232
Dr. B. Qin經濟學How does political control of the Chinese media affect politician promotion and the fight against corruption?194,880
Professor L.D. Qiu經濟學FDI spillovers through Joint Ventures: Evidence from China390,000
Dr. Y. Xu金融學Corporate R&D and the cross section of stock returns: International evidence426,289
Dr. H. Zhang經濟學Estimating Firm-Level R&D Demand and Innovation Process with Technology Spillover317,289
Professor G.C. Biddle會計學及法學Board Selection Endogeneity: Evidence from Hong Kong440,916
Dr. C.M.K. Chan管理及商業策略學Foreign Market Entry Mode Choice in Subnational Regions: An Institution- based view480,919
Dr. D.K.W. Chan會計學及法學The Effects of Internal Control Reporting Regulation on Control Quality, Compensation and Audit Quality208,684
Dr. L.H.L. Chan會計學及法學Economic consequences of collateralized personal loan by executives301,252
Dr. M.C.L. Chau創新及訊息管理學Studying the Order Effect of Feedbacks in Online Auction Markets: A User Study and a Bayesian Updating Model312,539
Dr. F. Du會計學及法學Analyst teamwork: Team composition and forecast performance324,394
Dr. T.W.H. Ng管理及商業策略學Transformational and Transactional Leadership, Idiosyncratic Employment Arrangements, and Emotional and Behavioral Outcomes202,304
Dr. G.H.R. Sin創新及訊息管理學Social and Economic Implications of Search Engine Optimization383,264
Professor Z. Tao管理及商業策略學Do Chinese imports influence American politics?387,289
Dr. F. Tian會計學及法學Do Accounting standards affect innovation?329,266
Professor B.C.K. Yim市場學Service-Sales Ambidexterity: A Dyadic Analysis on the Underlying Processes of Its Influences on Satisfaction and Performance Outcomes for Both Employees and Customers373,114
Dr. B. Zhao管理及商業策略學Trailing Connected Government Officials in Geographic Expansion: Evidence from Chinese Firms374,072
Professor K.Z. Zhou管理及商業策略學Customer Participation, Product Newness, and New Product  Performance: A Conflict Management Perspective580,762
Dr. J. Zhu市場學Tap Into Product Cocreation Model-Crowd, Idea, Product Development, and Market Performance In Crowdsourcing312,425

GRF 2013-14

Principal InvestigatorPrimary FieldProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. F. Du會計學及法學Seeing is Believing: Do Analysts Benefit from Site Visits?239,570
Dr. J. Han會計學及法學Management Earnings Guidance Quantification and Attribution Quantification: An Interactive Pattern271,427
Professor C. Hui管理及商業策略學Towards a threat-reaction theory of supervisor reactions to subordinate voice394,500
Professor S.S.K. Lam管理及商業策略學Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Multilevel and Cross Cultural Study295,000
Dr. H. Lee管理及商業策略學The Drivers and Impacts of Knowledge Exchange within a Supply Chain: An Empirical Study828,000
Dr. X. Li會計學及法學Revealed Investor Sentiment: Textual Analysis of Earnings Conference Calls208,247
Professor C.W. Park會計學及法學A Structural Approach To Estimating Abnormal Working Capital Accruals266,655
Professor D.K.C. Tse經濟學How Capitalism Works in China State-Owned Enterprises: An Agency Assessment of their Corporate, Social and Societal Performance350,000
Dr. E.W. Wan市場學Does Seeing Human in Brands Enhance Brand Preference For Socially Disconnected Consumers? Anthropomorphism, Social Exclusion, and Brand Relationship374,980
Dr. X. Wang Differential Insider Trading Profitability and the Efficiency of Diversification in Multi-Segment Firms480,000
Dr. C. Wu管理及商業策略學A Signaling Perspective on Strategic Investments: Evidence from IPO Firms210,068
Dr. Y.S. Wu會計學及法學Incentive Compensation for Multidimensional Tasks: A Field Experiment233,000
Dr. Y. Zheng管理及商業策略學Time to leave? The influence of resource dependence structures on sequential investment termination by venture capital firms583,020
Dr. K.Z. Zhou管理及商業策略學Exchange Hazards, Contractual Design, and Exchange Performance: A Study of Buyer-Supplier Relationships in China496,600
Professor Y. Zhou管理及商業策略學Models and Analysis of Dual-Channel Supply Chain Strategies392,000
Dr. W. Chan經濟學The Impact of Housing Status on Labor Market Outcomes325,057
Dr. P. Hsu金融學The Determinants of Innovation Efficiency and Influence180,587
Dr. K. Jiang經濟學Optimal Promotion Rules in a Firm's Internal Labor Market174,864
Dr. T.C. Lin金融學Does Short Selling Discipline Managerial Value-Destroying Behaviors?340,660
Dr. Y. Luo經濟學Model Uncertainty and Emerging Market Business Cycles154,000
Dr. W.Y. Park經濟學An empirical investigation on the dynamics of credit spreads and their implications in the euro area139,891
Dr. C. Xia金融學Can the Feedback Effect Explain Momentum Trading and Returns?50,000

GRF 2012-13

Dr. M. Buehlmaier金融學Media-Based Merger Arbitrage297,301
Dr. C.M.K. Chan經濟學 Subnational institutions and foreign affiliate performance505,050
Dr. M.C.L. Chau管理及商業策略學Applying Blog Mining Techniques in Suicide Research and Prevention360,815
Dr. H. Chen經濟學 A Theory of Rumors and Revolution235,690
Dr. X. Gao金融學Risk and Corporate Activities161,980
Professor S.H. Lau經濟學 Differential Incentives, Group Size, and Cooperation in the Intergroup Prisoner's Dilemma: An Experimental Investigation589,098
Dr. H. Lee管理及商業策略學The effect of competition on firms' sustainable policies600,600
Dr. D. Li經濟學 Who causes idiosyncratic stock price volatility?363,891
Dr. T.C. Lin金融學What Do Informed Options Traders Know?263,827
Dr. X. Liu會計學及法學The effects of CEOs' and CFOs' equity-based compensation on the remediation of internal control material weaknesses (ICMWs)180,180
Dr. C. Qiu市場學Future Consumption Opportunity and the Generation of Mental Imagery: A New Perspective on the Impact of Mental Construal on Consumer Judgments330,603
Professor L.D. Qiu經濟學 Formation and Dynamics of Free Trade Agreements: Theory and Empirics243,880
Professor Z. Tao經濟學 Once an Enemy, Forever an Enemy? The Long-run Impact of Japanese Occupation of China on Trade and Investment198,380
Dr. F. Tian會計學及法學The valuation impact of managers' performance explanations in earnings press releases404,477
Dr. X. Wang會計學及法學How Is Equity Value Affected by the Information Risk Associated with Accounting Earnings? Evidence from Closed-end Fund Discounts.396,760
Dr. F. Yang金融學Oil Shocks and Asset Prices273,874

GRF 2011-12

Dr Stephen Chiu經濟學Preferential Treatment in Centralized Admissions: The Case of Motive Schools220,000
Dr Yulei Luo經濟學Risk-sensitive Control and Filtering, Production Fluctuations, and Inventory Behavior134,159
Prof Wing Suen經濟學Strategic Deliberation and Super-majority Rules216,000
Prof Chenggang Xu經濟學Chinese Local Governments, Industrial Clusters, and Regional Disparities804,178
Dr Frances Xu經濟學Defense Attorney's Fee Structure: A Signaling Explanation197,000
Dr Matthias Buehlmaier金融學A Narrative Approach to Measuring Financial Constraints413,880
Dr Xianming Zhou金融學The Efficiency of Internal Capital Markets around Financial Crises338,059
Dr Mei Lin創新及訊息管理學Open License in Platform Business Model Competition278,000
Dr Echo Wan市場學The Risk-Taking of Excluded Consumers: Social Exclusion and Financial Decision352,434
Dr Kevin Zhou市場學The Development and Contingent Value of Marketing and Technology Capabilities in China: A Longitudinal and Multilevel Study344,554
Dr Heng Chen其他Housing Finance and Household Saving Rate in the U.S. and China129,749

GRF 2010-11

主研究員 學術領域研究主題資助金額(港幣)
Dr Lilian Chan會計學及法學Insider trading and family firms312,650
Dr Xiaohui Gao經濟學Investor Sentiment and Idiosyncratic Risk: Implications on Expected Market Returns162,800
Dr Wen Zhou經濟學Divestitures, mergers and competition203,500
Dr Kaiji Chen經濟學Trends in the U.S. Hours Worked: The Effects of Population Aging and Changes in Social Security Policies247,900
Dr Zhigang Li經濟學Believing or belonging: Economic analysis of contributions to village temples in modern China434,660
Dr Melody Lo經濟學Competition and Reputation in the Market for Information Intermediaries138,750
Dr Yulei Luo經濟學Model Misspecification, Consumption Volatility, and the Current Account in Small Open Economies142,450
Dr Frances Xu經濟學Commission Sharing among Agents180,375
Dr Konan Chan金融學Information content of reduction in R&D investments431,975
Dr Tse-chun Lin金融學Detecting Stock Price Barriers413,475
Dr Qiao Liu金融學On the Chinese Pyramids: evolution, economic effects, and regulations319,125
Dr Dragon Tang金融學Collateral Asset Portfolio Management of CDOs405,150
Prof Chun Hui管理及商業策略學Idiosyncratic Deals in Different Cultures: Does Being an Insider Matter?323,750
Dr Thomas Ng管理及商業策略學The Consequences of Job Embeddedness: A Cross-Cultural Comparison276,575
Dr Kevin Zhou管理及商業策略學The Evolving Role of Trust and Contracts in China: A Longitudinal Assessment of Foreign Buyer-Local Supplier Exchanges384,800
Dr Tracy Zhou管理及商業策略學Servant Leadership on Team Performance: Moderating Effects of Team Values167,425
Prof David Tse管理及商業策略學Assessing Consumer Product Brand performance in China: a Dynamic Capability Model331,150
Dr John Zhu市場學Antecedents of Customer Satisfaction An Examination with Firm Level Augmented Quality-Satisfaction Framework271,950

GRF 2009-10

Dr Jun Han會計學及法學The Effect of Self-Serving versus Self-Disserving Attributions with Management Earnings Guidance267,500
Dr Xiaohui Gao經濟學Mutual Fund Brokerage Commissions and Soft Dollars462,240
Dr William Chan經濟學The Effect of Dowry on the Welfare of Women449,720
Dr Stephen Chiu經濟學A Theory of Intergroup Relation: with Applications to the Decline of Class and Diversity and Economic Performance241,792
Dr Zhigang Li經濟學Growth, Haze, and Health Outcomes: Empirical Evidence from China (1978-2006)321,200
Dr Yulei Luo經濟學Incomplete Information Diffusion, Durables Consumption, and Inertial behavior154,080
Dr CY Tse經濟學Search and Matching in a Spatial Economy - Middlemen, Agglomeration Economies, and the Growth of Cities as Commercial Centers in Economic Development226,544
Dr Pai Xu經濟學Unobservable Heterogeneity in Wage Variations: A Structural Approach317,000
Dr Yi Lu經濟學An Economic Analysis of Economic Institutions and FDI Location Choice250,000
Dr Dragon Tang金融學Understanding the 2007/2008 Credit Crisis: Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO) Credit Ratings286,760
Dr Jin Zhang金融學The Chinese Warrant Market400,000
Prof Eric Chang金融學Dual-listing and pricing efficiency: The informational and anchoring role played by the reference price.414,090
Prof Patrick Chau創新及訊息管理學Examining the Effects of Avatars as a New Form of Personalization Agents on Online Shopping Decision Making and How Distrust Influences These Effects484,140
Dr S Venkata Subban管理及商業策略學Strategic Groups: A Business Model Perspective334,482
Dr Tan Wang 其他Assessing Positive and Negative Spillovers of Non-local Direct Investments in Chinese Cities: An Institutional-Based Model301,055
Dr Neale O'Connor其他The use of management control systems in buyer supplier partnerships456,200
Dr Benjamin Yen創新及訊息管理學Analytical Modeling, Evaluation and Enhancement of Website Design438,720

GRF 2008-09

Dr Jun Han會計學及法學Investors' Reactions to Management Earnings Guidance: The Joint Effect of Investment Position, News Direction, and News Ambiguity359,600
Prof Amy Lau會計學及法學Alternative Approaches for Handling Demand Curves and Production Costs in a Fundamental Supply-Chain Pricing Model (new proposed code 41081)644,180
Dr Neale O'Connor會計學及法學The Influence of Insitutional Factors and Specific Knowledge on Organization Design and Performance Measurement in China's Listed Enterprises.395,580
Dr Echo Wan管理及商業策略學When Controlling Risk Risks Control: Communicating Health Risk Perceptions and Consumer Self-control412,500
Dr Liu Zheng經濟學Short Sale Constraints, Asymmetric Price Movements, and Skewness: Evidence from Hong Kong254,100
Dr Paul Lau經濟學Economic Impacts of Fertility and Mortality Changes: Decomposing Demographic Dividend269,452
Dr Melody Lo經濟學Strategic Voting in Multi-candidate Races241,880
Prof Wing Suen經濟學Delay as a Mechanism to Improve Collective Decision Making263,000
Prof Larry Qiu金融學An Empirical Analysis of Antidumping Filings and Decisions355,000
Dr Konan Chan金融學Market timing and the cost of raising equity through seasoned equity offerings310,000
Dr Dean Xu管理及商業策略學Corporate Diversification, Group Diversification, and the Performance of Chinese Listed Firms464,000
Dr Cheng Qiu市場學Disentangling the Dual Impact of Affect on Product Judgment: The Role of Marketing Stimuli Characteristics482,185

GRF 2007-08

主研究員 學術領域 研究主題資助金額(港幣)
Dr Christine Chan管理及商業策略學,會計學及法學The Institutional Perspective of Foreign Affiliate Performance402,368
Prof Simon Lam管理及商業策略學,會計學及法學Hiddle Profile Decision Making: The Effects of Group Efficacy367,184
Dr Bennett Yim管理及商業策略學,會計學及法學Effect of Coalignment of Service Strategy on Service Performance Metrics and Firm Performance Outcomes: An Integrative and Contingency Approach714,520
Dr Stephen Chiu經濟學,金融學Dissecting a Centralized College Admission Scheme210,008
Dr Qiao Liu經濟學,金融學Institutions, Financial Development, and Corporate Investment: Evidence from China's Reform Era815,480
Dr Yulei Luo經濟學,金融學Risk Sensitivity Meets Rational Inattention166,500
Prof Zhigang Tao經濟學,金融學An Economic Analysis of the Bi-sourcing Strategy for Organizing Production in the Global Economy: A Property Rights Theory Approach360,000
Dr Jianguo Xu經濟學,金融學Heterogeneous Confidence and Short Sale Constraints: Implications for Volatility, Volume, and Skewness610,000

ECS 2020-21

Principal InvestigatorAreaProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. L. QiuAccounting and LawShareholder activism and firm value: the role of board incentive415,992
Dr. H. OuyangInnovation and Information ManagementOptimal bed allocation in intensive care unit with patients' health evolution and patient readmission629,540
Dr. Q. WangInnovation and Information ManagementUnderstanding matching dynamics in online labor markets577,520
Dr. M. ZhuangMarketingFeed Your Advertisements Smart: An Empirical Analysis of Newsfeed Native Advertisement Characteristics on Advertising Effectiveness in Mobile News Apps374,000

ECS 2019-20

Principal InvestigatorPrimary FieldProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. J. DuMarketingNews Aggregation in Media Markets251,700
Dr. A.P. KwanFinanceBig data measures of labor supply and their economic consequences to firm performance891,340
Dr. Y. LiuFinanceIntermediary-Based International Asset Pricing402,400
Dr. W. MiyamotoEconomicsThe Role of International Trade on Business Cycle Volatilities: A Quantitative Assessment434,748

ECS 2018-19

Principal InvestigatorPrimary FieldProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. Z.T. HuangMarketingSeeking Meaning through Constructing Preferences: The Effect of Life Meaninglessness on Preference Construction545,351
Dr. K.R. LeeAccounting and LawThe effect of SEC reviewer characteristics on the review process: An empirical examination of CTO reviews320,000
Dr. S. ParkEconomicsTechnology Upgrading in Agricultural Export Supply Chains: A Field Experiment in Vietnam373,100
Dr. A.J. SinclairFinanceHot Money in the Hedge Fund Market371,378
Dr. C. SunManagement and StrategyGlobalization, Capital-biased Technological Change, and the Labor Shares200,700
Dr. M. TaiFinanceThe financial and real consequences of mortgage securitization on SMEs: evidence from GSE policy changes570,380

ECS 2017-18

Principal InvestigatorPrimary FieldProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. H.M. JiaMarketingWhen Consumers Perceive Products as Biological Entities: Exploring a New Perspective on How Product Anthropomorphism Affects Consumer Decision Making510,000
Dr. T.W. KimAccountingNetworks, Inter-firm Relationships, and Disclosure370,000

ECS 2016-17

Principal InvestigatorPrimary FieldProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. T. SchmidFinancePrice Uncertainty, Operating Flexibility, and Payout Policy517,000
Dr. Y. TangStrategyThe Growth of Emerging Market Firms and Capital Market Choice403,790
Dr. Z. WangFinanceBank Network Centrality and Risk Sharing509,000
Dr. Y. XuFinancePartisan Politics, Tax Policy Uncertainty, and Asset Pricing497,996
Dr. B. ZhaoStrategyResource-Seeking Relocation: A Study of Life Sciences Startup Mobility345,828

ECS 2015-16

Principal InvestigatorPrimary FieldProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. Y. SunFinanceMandatory Dividends and Shareholder Protection348,614
Dr. T.T. GuAccountingThe economics of enhancing audit transprancy: auditor’s reporting model and stakeholder’s behaviors376,614
Dr. J.H. JooAccountingThe ability of expected credit losses versus incurred credit losses to predict future credit losses: Implications for the 2014 credit loss accounting reform from Basel II and incurred credit loss disclosures304,715
Dr. K. NaAccountingDoes CFO Incentives Cause Accounting Manipulation? Evidence from a Natural Experiment228,614
Dr. Y. ZhangManagementLeaders' Work Demands and Abusive Supervision: A Self-Verification Perspective599,748

ECS 2014-15

Principal InvestigatorPrimary FieldProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. S.J. JiaMarketingThe Taste of a Good Deal: How Transactional Utility Affects Experiential Utility569,600

ECS 2013-14

Principal InvestigatorPrimary FieldProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. S. KimMarketingHow Self-Affirmation Changes Emotions and Consumer Word-of-Mouth Communications421,840
Dr. H.H. KwokEconomicsIdentification Problems in Linear Social Interaction Models140,000

ECS 2012-13

Principal InvestigatorPrimary FieldProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. X. HuBusiness StudiesArbitrage Spreads and Aggregate Liquidity456,800

University Grant Committee - Theme-based Research Scheme 2020/21 (Tenth Round)

Theme 3: Enhancing Hong Kong's Strategic Position as a Regional and International Business Centre Project Title: Financial Technology, Stability, and Inclusion Project Coordinator: Prof Chen Lin (HKU)
Project Coordinator (PC)LINChenChair of Finance Stelux Professor in Finance Associate DeanFBE / HKU
Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) LUOYeAssistant Professor in FinanceFBE / HKU
Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) TANGDragon YongjunProfessor in Finance & Area HeadFBE / HKU
Co-Investigator (Co-I)KWANAlan PaulAssistant Professor in FinanceFBE / HKU
Co-Investigator (Co-I)LIUYangAssistant Professor in EconomicsFBE / HKU
Co-Investigator (Co-I)TAIMingzhuAssistant Professor in FinanceFBE / HKU
Abstract FinTech has witnessed a spectacular growth in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. While the industry has taken innovative approaches to promote financial inclusion by serving traditionally under-banked businesses and people, it is also exposed to nonnegligible risk that can threaten the stability of financial market. Hence, a key challenge facing the industry is to assess and manage financial risks properly while extending financial services to a wider spectrum of firms (especially small and medium enterprises SMEs) and consumers. Since SMEs and consumers possess little "hard information" (e.g., financial statements, collaterals, credit history), it makes it a grand challenge – how to evaluate and finance them adequately. This is particularly the case as SMEs and consumers play a crucial role in economic development. According to the State Council of China and HKTID, SMEs contribute to more than 80% (46%) of employment and 90% (98%) of business units in mainland China (Hong Kong). Household consumption is also a key driver of economic growth, accounting for 60% of GDP (World Bank, 2018). Therefore, it is imperative to search for the solutions. In this research, we aim to develop a scientific framework on credit risk assessment and management for small businesses and consumers, lay out a formal foundation for smart contract / mechanism design, provide a platform for conducting program evaluation on the real economic and social impact of FinTech, form and test macro theories/models of financial risk featured with FinTech development, and provide policy recommendations for financial stability and inclusion. The framework is featured with a comprehensive guidance on (a) "high-frequency, high-dimensions, high-coverage" data collection, such as capturing granular digital footprints and networks of firms and consumers, (b) feature extraction based on behavioral consistency theories (Cronqvist et al., 2012), such as extracting behavioral traits (e.g., risk attitude, self-efficacy) of small business owners and consumers from investment, consumption and their behaviors through social networks and ownership chains, (c) transformation of such "soft information" into "hard information", (d) design, selection and training of credit models that (i) exploit the predictive power of digital footprints, networks and behavioral traits versus traditional financial metrics, and (ii) dynamically adapt to business cycles, and (e) interpretation and application of model outcomes for financial institutions and policy makers. To achieve these objectives, we will convene a team of experts in finance, economics, law, data science and engineering, collaborate with top financial institutions (e.g., the largest FinTech company), and form an advisory board of world leading economists (e.g., Nobel Laureates) and important policy makers (e.g., IMF Deputy MD overseeing FinTech). The extensive network of the team with global and regional institutions (e.g., IMF, World Bank, BIS, ECB, FSB, Fed, PBC, HKMA, HKFSDC, HK Competition Commission, etc.) will help disseminate the research outputs. The deliverables will help Hong Kong transit from a traditional International Financial Centre to a FinTech hub.
Financial Year of income receivedPI/ Grant HolderDepartmentFunding BodyFunding SchemeProject TitleStart Date (dd/mm/yy)Completion Date (dd/mm/yy)Amount of Funding (HK$)
2017-2018Shen, Haipeng, ProfFaculty of Business and EconomicsMinisty of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国科学技术部("科技部")国家重点研发计划脑血管病临床研究大数据关键技术及标准和运行共享机制研究11/1/201712/31/2020235,162.00