ECS 2020-21

PIAreaProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. L. QiuAccounting and LawShareholder activism and firm value: the role of board incentive415,992
Dr. H. OuyangInnovation and Information ManagementOptimal bed allocation in intensive care unit with patients' health evolution and patient readmission629,540
Dr. Q. WangInnovation and Information ManagementUnderstanding matching dynamics in online labor markets577,520
Dr. M. ZhuangMarketingFeed Your Advertisements Smart: An Empirical Analysis of Newsfeed Native Advertisement Characteristics on Advertising Effectiveness in Mobile News Apps374,000

ECS 2019-20

PIPrimary FieldProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. J. DuMarketingNews Aggregation in Media Markets251,700
Dr. A.P. KwanFinanceBig data measures of labor supply and their economic consequences to firm performance891,340
Dr. Y. LiuFinanceIntermediary-Based International Asset Pricing402,400
Dr. W. MiyamotoEconomicsThe Role of International Trade on Business Cycle Volatilities: A Quantitative Assessment434,748

ECS 2018-19

PIPrimary FieldProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
Dr. Z.T. HuangMarketingSeeking Meaning through Constructing Preferences: The Effect of Life Meaninglessness on Preference Construction545,351
Dr. K.R. LeeAccounting and LawThe effect of SEC reviewer characteristics on the review process: An empirical examination of CTO reviews320,000
Dr. S. ParkEconomicsTechnology Upgrading in Agricultural Export Supply Chains: A Field Experiment in Vietnam373,100
Dr. A.J. SinclairFinanceHot Money in the Hedge Fund Market371,378
Dr. C. SunManagement and StrategyGlobalization, Capital-biased Technological Change, and the Labor Shares200,700
Dr. M. TaiFinanceThe financial and real consequences of mortgage securitization on SMEs: evidence from GSE policy changes570,380