UG students garner the FBE Student Leadership Award for their leadership demonstration

UG students garner the FBE Student Leadership Award for their leadership demonstration

FBE Student Leadership Award aims to recognise and reward HKU Business School undergraduate students who have demonstrated leadership within the University and the wider community; and to promote informal learning through students’ participation in extra-curricular activities, involvement in community service and student leadership.

Five FBE students have won the Award in 2020/21, the award winners are:

Mr. Agarwal Naman, BEcon&Fin, Year 3


“It is indeed a great honour for me to receive the FBE Student Leadership Award. The recognition will certainly encourage me to continue making relevant contributions to society in the future, through actions in both my personal and professional space.”

Mr. Leung Chak Tim, BBA(Acc&Fin), Year 2


“With the comprehensive support from HKU, I have chances to serve international businesses and foundations as well as taking up important roles in the University. It is such a pleasure to be the recipient of the FBE Student Leadership Award 2020-21. It recognises student’s leadership contribution and encourage me to pass on the passion, spirit and energy.”

Miss Mahendru Gauri, BBA(IBGM), Year 3

“I’m extremely grateful to the HKU Business School for providing me a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities which have fuelled my holistic development. It is an honour to receive the FBE Leadership Award and I hope to continue doing meaningful work and contributing to society in all possible ways.”

Mr. Mak Lai Hang, BBA(Law)&LLB, Year 3

“I am very grateful for the recognition and support the HKU Business School has given me through the FBE Student Leadership Award, which was only possible due to the incredible teams and people I worked with. The School’s generous and impactful Award inspires me to continue to lead volunteer projects that can meaningfully empower our community.”

Mr. Wat Tsz Cheung, BBA(IBGM), Year 5


“I’m incredibly grateful to have received the FBE Student Leadership Award. This is a great recognition for students who strive to make a difference to our school and wider community. Thank you to the HKU Business School for continually supporting organizations such as 180 Degrees Consulting, in helping us broaden our impact.”

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