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JUPAS Applicants

1. How many places are there for programmes offered by FBE?

JUPAS code
ProgrammeNumber of first-year places^

 ^ The final number and distribution of places is subject to change depending on the number of applications and quality of applicants of the year.

2. What is the selection principle of the Faculty’s programmes?

JUPAS codeProgrammeSelection Principle (Consider Category A Subjects Only)
6781BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin)Best 63
6793BBA(IS)Best 61
6808BBA(Law)/LLBBest 63
6896BBA(IBGM)Best 63
6767BEcon/BEcon&FinBest 61
6884BSc(QFin)Best 62
6860BFin(AMPB)Best 63

1Must include English and Mathematics (M1/M2 can be included in the remaining best 4 subjects)
2Must include English, Mathematics, and M1/M2
3Must include English, and best of Mathematics/M1/M2

3. What are the University’s and the Faculty’s minimum entrance requirements for HKDSE students?


HKDSE SubjectUniversityFaculty
English Language34
Chinese Language133
Liberal Studies22
Two Elective Subjects33

1Non-Chinese speaking applicants will be considered on case-by-case basis.

4. Are there any additional requirements for FBE programmes on top of the Faculty’s entrance requirements?

There are additional requirements for the four programmes listed below:


  • Level 3 or above in one of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Integrated Science, or ICT
  • Level 3 or above in Extended Module 1 or 2 of Mathematics (preferred but not required)


  • Level 3 or above in Extended Module 1 or 2 of Mathematics


  • English:                         Level 5 or above
  • Chinese:                        Level 4 or above
  • Mathematics:               Level 4 or above


  • English:                         Level 5 or above
  • Mathematics:              Level 4 or above

5. Will there be heavier weighting for any particular subjects in HKDSE?

ProgrammeHKDSE Subject(s) with Heavier Weighting
BEcon/BEcon&FinEnglish and Mathematics
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin)English and best of Mathematics/M1/M2
BBA(IS)English and Mathematics
BBA(Law)&LLBEnglish and best of Mathematics/M1/M2
BBA(IBGM)English and best of Mathematics/M1/M2
BSc(QFin)✓✓ English
✓ Mathematics and M1/M2
BFin(AMPB)English and best of Mathematics/M1/M2

Note: “✓✓” carries heavier weighting than “”  

6. What were the admissions scores of the 2019 JUPAS intake?

Please click here to view the admissions scores of our 2019 JUPAS intake.

The information should be taken as a reference only, as admissions scores will change from year to year depending on the number and quality of applicants of each admission year.

7. How does the Faculty consider previous single attempt in HKDSE? Is there any penalty?

The Faculty will consider previous single attempt in HKDSE in either 2018 or 2019. There is no penalty for retrial.

8. How does the Faculty consider multiple HKDSE attempts?

The Faculty will consider multiple attempts in HKDSE in either 2019 and 2020 or 2018 and 2020. There is no penalty for retrial.

9. Do you interview HKDSE applicants?


Optional interviews will be offered to shortlisted applicants. It is worth noting that while interview is not a requirement, applicants who perform well in the interview may receive additional bonus points for admission on top of their performance in the HKDSE examination.

10. What are the selection criteria for interview?

Normally only Band A applicants will be considered for interview invitation. The selection is primarily based on academic performance in high school.

11. When and how will applicants be informed of the interview arrangements?

Shortlisted applicants will be informed of the respective arrangements by email in May/June (after HKDSE examination) and in July (after the release of HKDSE results).

12. How will the interviews be conducted?

Tentatively, the interview will involve a group discussion in English.

13. Will applicants who put FBE programme in Band B be considered?

Yes, but as our intake places are limited and that there are many strong applicants putting FBE programmes in their Band A choice(s), the chance of Band B applicants being admitted is generally not high in past admissions exercises.

14. Is there any entrance scholarship available to HKDSE applicants? How can I apply?

Both the University and the Faculty offer entrance scholarships to HKDSE students with outstanding academic performance. Details will be announced before the release of HKDSE results. Candidates will be automatically considered for entrance scholarships at the point of admission – application is not required. Please refer to the following webpage nearer the time in May/June for more details:

A number of scholarships are also available to students after admission. Eligible students may apply for scholarships during their studies at University.