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  • This is a 6-credit experiential learning course (a free-elective course for students in Faculty of Business and Economics) in summer (28 May – 14 July 2019).

  • We aim to offer students the hands-on experience of working with business clients in solving “real-life” problems related to their studies. Students who have completed the practicum will gain valuable business experience to complement their academic learning and enhance their employability.

  • Students will participate as teams of independent consultants, under the guidance of the faculty teacher, Consultant-in-Residence and professional mentors, to work on real-life projects such as feasibility studies, business plans, market research, branding strategies, accounting and information systems design and implementation, etc.

  • Business clients will be mostly, if not all, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and social enterprises in Hong Kong. Students will interact with the executives or owners of these enterprises while providing a free business consulting service to them.



Before commencing the practicum, students will be offered training. Throughout the practicum, students will be guided and supervised by the Faculty Teacher, Professional Mentor, and the Consultant-in-Residence.



Students will provide professional consulting advice to the SME or social enterprise by means of business consulting reports, presentations and regular meetings during a 6-week practicum.



All participating students, clients, sponsors, professional mentors, consultant-in-residence and faculty teachers will be invited to join a networking reception at the end of the practicum. The reception provides students valuable opportunities to further widen their exposure through interaction and exchange of ideas with the business professionals.


“What is Experiential Learning?”