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Course Period:

Full Programme (12 credits)

Course Code: GBIA2018

Dates: June 25 – July 20, 2018

Single-City Course, Hong Kong session only (6 credits)

Course Code: GBIA2018HK

Dates: June 25 – July 6, 2018

*Single-city course is only open to students studying in Mainland China institutions.


FBEC2001 China Business and Marketing (6 credits) [Hong Kong Session]

Date: June 25 - July 6, 2018

This course is one of the component courses of the Faculty’s summer program “Global Business in Asia” (GBIA). It provides participants with an in-depth understanding and first-hand experience of the current business environment in Hong Kong and Mainland China, with the focus in two of the foremost international business centers in Asia: Hong Kong and Shanghai.

After China’s accession to the WTO, more and more international corporations decide to enter and expand their businesses in the greater China market. During the past 10 years, China has been going through dramatic growth, changing from a low value- added manufacturing and export-based country to a servicing and domestic demand focus market.

Nowadays, with the “One Belt One Road” initiative raised by China government, local and international firms have to use a new mindset if they want to be competitive in such a huge, diverse and fast changing environment of Mainland China.

The course is designed to equip students with a deep understanding of the business environment of the fastest-growing economy in the world through its two most important and open business centers. Students will have close contact with guest speakers from senior management of leading companies in Hong Kong. They will also acquire personal experience of a variety of Hong Kong culture and society, and develop truly international perspectives with an exposure to Hong Kong.

Reference: Course Outline (2018) 


STRA3705 China Economy (6 credits) [Shanghai Session]

Date: July 9 - July 20, 2018

This course provides a general introduction of China economy since 1949 with emphasis on the era of transition from a planned economy to a more market driven one. It aims to help students understand the development and transition of Chinese economy, the working of major market mechanism, as well as related issues that China encounters. Basic economic principles are used to explain the economic issues of modern China.

Reference: Course Outline (2018)