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HKU-PKU “Future Leaders” Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Finance and Management

HKU-PKU “Future Leaders” Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Finance and Management (Academic Year 2019-20)

The HKU-PKU “Future Leaders” Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Finance and Management programme is jointly offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and the Guanghua School of Management of the Peking University (PKU). This programme is designed to nurture first-class business leaders and cultivate their global perspective with intimate understanding of China.

This Dual Bachelor’s Degree will be open to Hong Kong permanent residents as well as international students from overseas countries. Students will spend the first two years at HKU and another two years at PKU, completing not fewer than an equivalence of 294 HKU course credits. Upon successful completion of the Dual Bachelor’s Degree programme, students will receive a Bachelor of Economics and Finance (BEcon&Fin) degree from HKU and a Bachelor of Management (BMgmt) degree from PKU.


Programme Highlights

  • First and the only Dual Degree programme with focus on Economics, Finance and Management offered by two top universities in Mainland China and Hong Kong
  • Get two degrees in four years from two leading universities in Asia
  • Capitalise on the strengths of two world-class universities: PKU is ranked 22nd in the world and 4th in Asia in the QS World University Rankings 2020; HKU is ranked 25th in the world, 6th in Asia and 1st in Hong Kong in the QS World University Rankings 2020 and also ranked 1st in the World's Most International University Ranking 2019 by Times Higher Education
  • Acquire unique cross-cultural experience through learning and living in both Mainland China and Hong Kong
  • Pave ways for career opportunities in the global job market by gaining knowledge and experience of China, a major commercial partner of many entities in developed and emerging economies alike
  • Become a part of a privileged group of students who can exclusively enjoy resources from both universities including facilities and enrichment programmes
  • Prior knowledge in Mandarin Chinese is not required as the programme will be taught in English, yet students will also have the chance to learn Mandarin Chinese in their third and fourth years at PKU

Programme Structure

The total number of credits for this Dual Degree programme will be 294 HKU credits. Students will be required to complete 150 HKU credits of courses in the first two years of studies at HKU and the remaining 144 HKU-equivalent credits of courses in the third and fourth years of studies at PKU.


Fees and Scholarship

Students will pay the HKU tuition fee (i.e. HK$42,100 for local students and HK$164,000 for non-local students) throughout the normative period of four years of studies at both HKU and PKU.

Local students admitted through JUPAS will be automatically considered for the Faculty Entrance Scholarship based on their result obtained in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination.  Please click here for details of the Faculty Entrance Scholarship in 2019.

The Guanghua School of Management will fully cover the PKU tuition fees and provide free accommodation as well as a monthly living stipend to students during their third and fourth years of the Dual Bachelor’s Degree programme.


Medium of Instruction

All the courses, except Chinese language courses, offered under this Dual Degree programme will be taught in English. However, depending on students’ Mandarin language proficiency, they can also choose to take courses taught in Chinese at PKU.


Annual Intake

The Dual Bachelor's Degree programme will accept up to 5 students each year.



Interested JUPAS students should complete an initial application on or before July 31, 2019 (Wednesday).  Shortlisted students who are successfully enrolled in BEcon&Fin (JS6767) in the JUPAS Main Round will be invited to submit further details and supporting documents** and to attend an interview between mid to late August.  Successful candidates will be notified of the result by end of August.

Click here to submit an initial application now

For students applying through the International/Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme and admitted to BEcon&Fin, selected students with outstanding academic performance will be contacted for application for the Dual Bachelor’s Degree by invitation.

**Shortlisted candidates will receive further information to complete a full application and submit the following supporting documents to PKU in August:

  • Curriculum Vitae / Resume
  • Copy of transcripts/academic records (scanned copies are acceptable during the application stage, but original documents must be submitted upon start of the programme)
  • English proficiency test scores, as required
  • Two letters of recommendation:
    • One letter focused on academic ability and potential, coming from someone such as a current or former professor.
    • One letter focused on the personal characteristics and leadership potential as described in your application materials (People responsible for coordinating programmes or activities in which students are involved may be good sources for recommendations)
  • Two essays:
    • Essay 1: Personal Statement (up to 500 words)
    • Essay 2: Answer one of the following two questions (up to 500 words)
      • Option A: What characteristics do you think are essential to global leadership in today’s world and why?
      • Option B: In what ways do you anticipate that understanding China will help you accomplish your personal and professional goals?
  • One-minute application video (optional)

Expected Qualities from Applicants

Applicants are expected to

  • Demonstrate a strong interest in interdisciplinary study and to contribute to addressing global challenges and promoting cross-cultural communication
  • Exhibit strong moral character, a clear sense of mission, and global vision
  • Have a track record of leadership potential and social responsibility, and/or the ability to make an impact in their field/community
  • Evince the determination, energy and adaptability to drive changes despite obstacles, and inspire others to help make changes happen
  • Possess strong academic ability


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