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Learning Beyond The Classroom

Harvard Summer Exchange 2016

September 26, 2016


Sharon Yu from class of 2016, recently attended the “Negotiation and Organisational Conflict Resolution” programme offered by the Harvard Summer School. The programme focuses on the principles, strategies and tactics of effective negotiation and conflict resolution.

The negotiation role-play, according to Sharon, was definitely the most memorable learning experience of the course. In the role-play, participants were each assigned with a specific role in which the needs and financial ability of the individual were clearly stated. Through engaging in a series of debate and applying the negotiation tactics learnt in class, each group would come up with an agreement to the given scenario. In Sharon’s words, “the interactive classroom activities were not only a unique learning experience, they were also a great opportunity to learn with some of the other bright students from all around the world.”​

US Academic Tour

July 15, 2016

Three IBGM freshmen, Christopher Li, Clarence Wong and Kelvin Wong recently joined the US Academic Tour organized by Business Association BEA HKUSU, a 12-day program held in New York and Boston. Apart from attending firm visits to Time Inc., Bloomberg and the Federal Reserve Bank, participants also had valuable opportunities to engage in a series of cultural activities and visits to renowned institutions including Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

According to Clarence, the most rewarding part of the program was the opportunity to gain insights on the US monetary system during their visit to the Federal Reserve Bank. While Christopher fondly recalls developing new friendships with local people and understanding more about their culture. As for Kelvin, the academic tour was similarly a fruitful and inspiring experience. Interacting with local students from various universities and exploring their learning environment was truly eye-opening for him.​

Silk Road and Dunhuang Cultural Exchange Tour

March 28, 2016


Kenneth Yuen, a first-year IBGM student, participated in the Silk Road and Dunhuang Cultural Exchange Tour over the past reading week. Prior to the visit, Kenneth had the chance to gain an understanding of the historical sites through seminars delivered by the Institute of Dunhuang Studies from the Lanzhou University and the Hexi University.

During the tour, participants visited the Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves, the Confucius Temple, and the Jiayuguan Pass. According to Kenneth, “the cultural exchange tour has broadened my horizon on the basis of the historical, cultural, and economic development of China through an unforgettable experience of such an in-depth study of the Silk Road.

Serbia and Kosovo Service Trip

February 18, 2016

During the past winter, two IBGMers Joyce Ho and Hazel Chan participated in the “Cost of Independence” service trip to Serbia and Kosovo organized by the World University Service, HKUB, HKUSU. The journey gave Joyce and Hazel precious opportunities to participate in human rights discussions through various workshops and visits to local NGOs. According to Joyce, her visit to Kosovo 2.0, an independent media engaged with controversial issues in the Kosovo society, was exceptionally eye-opening. While some media organizations fail to present a just picture of actual happenings, Kosovo 2.0 strives to raise attention on child labor, education deprivation, and LGBT rights. For Hazel, the most rewarding part of the trip was the chance to explore the two countries with students from culturally diverse backgrounds, an opportunity that enriched her experience by making the trip “much more multi-dimensional and rich in context.”

Fiji Service Trip

February 12, 2016

Over the past winter break, Year 1 IBGMer Philip Mak took part in an eight-day service trip to Fiji organized by Uni-Y HKU. During his time in Fiji, Philip stayed with a host family in a local village, where he experienced Fijian daily life through activities such as going into the jungle to collect bamboos used for cooking and travelling to a neighboring village by the traditional raft named “bilibili”. In addition to the unique cultural experience, Philip also engaged in various service activities, including wall painting for local kindergartens and organizing a cultural night. He fondly recalls introducing Chinese culture to the local children, who in return taught him Fijian games. According to Philip, “through cultural exchange, I learnt a lot more about the traditions and cultures of Fiji people. This is undeniably one of the best memories of my life.”

Vietnam Cultural and Service Exchange Tour

February 05, 2016

Two IBGM students, Gale Chan and Michelle Ip recently joined the Vietnam Cultural and Service Exchange Tour organized by the HKU Wofoo Leaders’ Network. The opportunity to volunteer at a local orphanage was truly unforgettable for Gale and Michelle. Although the Vietnamese children they visited were born with disabilities, they remain highly enthusiastic towards life and were eager to make new friends. In Michelle’s words, “the children smiling, rushing over, and inviting me to join them was the most touching memory throughout the whole trip.” The unique experience also helped Gale learn that the power of service goes beyond simply offering material resources, but instead requires everyone to share hope, care, and love with those in need. She returns to Hong Kong with the belief that all global citizens need to play a role in creating a better world for all.

LSE-PKU Summer School

December 17, 2015

Over the break, Winze Tam, a second-year IBGM student, participated in the summer program jointly offered by The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and The Peking University (PKU). The LSE-PKU Summer School took place in Beijing, China over a two-week period. Winze was enrolled in the course "Doing Business with China: A Strategic Approach". According to Winze, the opportunity to interact with a culturally diverse group of participants was one of the most rewarding experiences of the program. “Through class discussions and networking social events, I had a valuable time in meeting people from all around the world and to listen to their thoughts on China in terms of its future prospects, in which this has stimulated new perspectives on the topic for myself."​

Washington University International Summer Study Program

December 17, 2015

BBA(IBGM) prepares future leaders of the world, offering students diverse skills that are applicable across various fields and industries. To aid their future career pathways, students are given invaluable learning opportunities to explore different fields of interest.

This past summer, Christopher Wong, a second-year IBGM student, participated in the International Summer Study Program at the Washington University in St. Louis, MO in the United States.

Christopher was enrolled in the courses "Design Thinking: Human-Centered Approaches to Making the World" and "McDonnell Academy International Leadership Institute: Seminar in Global Leadership". Christopher even worked on consulting projects with the university to gain insights into the process of human-centered design.

According to Christopher, the most rewarding part of the program was the opportunities to interact and network with students from culturally diverse backgrounds around the world.


Myanmar Volunteer Camp

August 31, 2015

Hilton Lam, a final year IBGM student, recently participated in a two-week volunteering camp in Payartaung Monastery, Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar.

The opportunity to volunteer at a remote monastery was an eye-opening experience for Hilton. People in the village are still using wood to make fire, bathing in the lake, and most would not have seen a car in the past year. All in all, they are living a life that is very different from the city life here in Hong Kong. In Hilton's words, he "strongly encourages everyone to explore the developing areas around the world. It is through such experience that we will truly understand how it is like to be a global citizen".

Nepal Earthquake Relief

May 25, 2015

One month after the Nepal earthquake, IBGM Student Stephanie Man, took part in two local organizations’ (Future Village and A Drop of Life) relief efforts in affected districts, including: Dhading, Gorkha, Chitwan and Ramechharp. Her role was not only to ensure donated supplies arrive at the hands of victims, but also to understand the coming needs of affected communities. Although Stephanie learns that the rebuilding of a nation is a long way to go, she hopes to witness the improvement of Nepal’s situation in the time to come.

Singapore Cultural Exchange Tour

April 07, 2015

Over the past winter break, first-year IBGM student, Gale Chan joined the Singapore Cultural Exchange Tour organized by HKU Wofoo Leaders’ Network. The major focus of the trip was Sustainable Development and Multicultural Discovery. Students from HKU and the National University of Singapore explored green architecture and compared different problem-solving measures undertaken by the government. During the tour, Gale learns that the most important reason behind Singapore’s success in land allocation and environmental conservation is: they “never fail to plan”. She developed new friendships throughout her enriching experience, and sees great potential for further cooperation between the two nations.

Sri Lanka Service Trip

March 23, 2015

Last January, third-year IBGM-er Kelly Tsang participated in an eight-day program organized by the Hong Kong Award for Young People and travelled to Sri Lanka to engage in discussions on ecological preservation and environmental protection. Throughout the week, she took care of elephant orphans and attended lectures on elephant behaviour in the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Part of her trip involved a two-day stay in Sri Lanka's mountain areas, and Kelly fondly recalls the hike as an unforgettable experience that made her feel unprecedentedly close to the nature.

National Investment Banking Competition 2015

March 08, 2015




Five Year 3 IBGM-ers - Bon Lam, Marco Lai, Samuel Li, Rayna Wang and Chan Wing Yan, recently competed in the National Investment Banking Competition 2015 organized by a group of Finance students in Vancouver, Canada. Both teams managed to get through the first round and were chosen as one of the 24 global finalists.

The competition involves investment banking cases such as M&A, leveraged buyouts and financing, where candidates are required to build financial models and present their recommendations with a well-crafted pitchbook to a panel of industry professionals. Aside from the competition, the conference also included sharing panels with inspiring professionals in the industry, networking cocktail sessions, and a gala dinner.

Bon regards the conference as an invaluable experience that greatly deepened his understanding of the investment banking, private equity and investment management industries. As for Marco, the experience was fascinating for him not only because of the great opportunity to train his technical skills about finance, but also to interact with elite Finance students and guest speakers worldwide, which has further motivated him to be a high-achiever.

Social Innovation: Asia Sense Tour

July 26, 2014

IBGMer, Stephanie Man, spent her third year of university initiating a crowd-funded gap year tour – the Asia Sense Tour – in pursuit of community-led social innovation through design projects with local community organizations in Southeast Asia. She has spent the past year visiting Malaysia, Indonesia, and Nepal to work with local organizations in starting community businesses. Throughout her journey, Stephanie proactively solved business challenges in diverse industries – including redesigning the rural tailoring service in Indonesia and repositioning the Muslimah fashion e-commerce in Malaysia, utilizing her experiences in start-ups and backpacking to adapt to the ever-changing environment and cultural diversity. The experiences in the grassroots communities furthered strengthened her passion in social business.


11th Harvard College in Asia Program 2014

February 08, 2014

Year 2 IBGMer, Chan Wing Yan, recently participated in the 11th Harvard College in Asia Program, a one-week program consisting of a series of nine conferences at the Harvard campus. The topic of the conferences, aimed at bridging the gap of understanding between Harvard and Asia, was “Building Sustainable Cities” this year. Apart from engaging in academic activities, including keynote speeches and case studies discussing the issues facing the world’s urban landscapes, Wing Yan also attended social events to further increase the exchange of cultures and ideas during the conference. Her most vivid memories garnered from the weeklong program were the people she met. She fondly recalls the minute little things that developed these friendships, mentioning: "These little specks of life that built up a week are the elements that made the HCAP experience truly special for me."


Ecuador (South America) Service Trip

February 08, 2014

IBGM Freshman, Martin Ma, recently participated in a 14-day program, embarking on a service trip to Ecuador, South America. During his time spent in the diverse community, Martin had the opportunity to interact with local kids and teenagers – engaging them in games and English lessons to stimulate their personal growth. He also met with local volunteers to discuss solutions to important social issues, such as child labor and violence. Martin described the experience to be rewarding, especially being able to sightsee around attractions in Quito, including the Cotopaxi Volcano and the “Middle World”.


Gap-Year Exploration: Asia Sense Tour

February 05, 2014

IBGMer Stephanie continues her gap-year exploration . She is now in a village called Jagalan located at mid-southern Indonesia, working with local silversmiths there to build a new business model. We wish her the best of luck in her Asia Sense Tour 背包裏的社企夢. (Linked page in Chinese only.)


Modern China and the World Exchange Tour

January 06, 2014

Year 3 IBGMer, Eric Lai, recently attended the “Modern China and the World” exchange tour organized by Peking University (北京大学). During the tour, participants from various universities in Hong Kong had the opportunity to attend lectures to better comprehend various aspects of China’s development as well as the diplomatic relationships amongst nations. They also had the opportunity to interact with local students from the university and explore the historic city of Beijing. Eric mentioned that the lectures “holistically presented the achievements and challenges of China’s development, helping students to better understand modern China”. He also developed new friendships during the enriching trip around Beijing.