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Student Testimonials

See what our students say about IBGM

“IBGM is a big family to me: I always find myself completely at ease to talk to juniors or reach out to alumni, whether it is just chatting casually or seeking for advice; we are very closely bonded even across years.

One of my most rewarding experiences is being involved in the IBGM Student Committee for the full three years. The immense amount of responsibility, trust and autonomy being given to me by faculty members to run various program initiatives are way beyond what I can ask for. It is very gratifying experience to have learnt from seniors and then to guide juniors.”
— Wai Kin Leung
“I believe that IBGM is the programme that fascinates most students. They are attracted not only because of thetailor-made syllabus and international field trips, but most importantly, the friendship we develop among the IBGMers. A group of close friends who work hard and play hard is what makes IBGM.”
— Brian Lo
“IBGM is a place where you can find more-than-enough opportunities. The strong bonding among students across years make ourselves a warm family. The student committee is a platform for us to contribute and learn. The exclusive field trip, and training allow me to explore in the globe. IBGM is different from others, and makes me different from others.”

— Tommy Yiu

“Thanks to the multi-disciplinary and flexible curriculum of IBGM, I could have virtually taken any undergraduate courses during my one year visiting studies at Harvard University. IBGM curriculum is far more than just global business, encouraging students to explore beyond business courses towards politics, sociology and other disciplines offered by HKU and during exchange studies.”

— Dixon Kwong

“It has been a while since I have joined the IBGM programme. It is definitely an elite programme and I feel so lucky that I can study with other IBGMers in HKU this year. The programme provides me with a lot of opportunities and enrichment activities in order to equip me for challenges in the real business world. I am very amazed with what the programme has given me and the new experiences I have gained so far.”
— Keith Cheung
“The field trip to Germany and Czech republic was a blast! Czech food, Bauhaus architectures, medieval churches, warm wine at 4 degrees Celsius, nighttime adventure in downtown Prague... although it was the second time I went to Europe, I learned much more about European culture and business environment. It was definitely an utterly unforgettable experience.”
— Johnny Liu
“I am impressed by the small class size of the IBGM programme, which makes us to be very close-knit and allows each of us to enjoy tremendous attention and support. All of us strive to excel while maintaining friendship with each other. Being together with a batch of brilliant students has made grow. We discuss not only business but also other crucial issues in the world.”
— Philip Yin
“IBGM is not only a tough programme which pushes you to the farthest limits, it also teaches you how to learn inside as well as outside the classroom with its many different workshops and exciting field trips.”
— Sungshik Cho