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Career Development

Career Development


IBGM students especially receive great exposure to professional development programmes that enable them to achieve their career goals. In addition to the Leadership Boot Camp, Asia Pacific Study Tour, and International Field Trip, IBGM students have the opportunity to take part in career focused activities directed by HKU Faculty of Business and Economics.


Notably, the HKU International Case Society (HICS) and Case Competition Talent Programme (CCTP) equip students with presentation, leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, and creative problem solving skills, which are imperative to overcome challenges in the business environment and the world at large. IBGM students have performed exceptionally well in these programmes, consistently placing highly in case competitions against top universities around the entire world. (Click here to read more about IBGM students’ international achievements.) Those particularly interested in further practicing business problem-solving skills can also enroll in "MGMT2787 Business Case Analysis and Presentation". This course trains students to prepare and present cases based on the format utilised in various global case competitions.

HSBC-HKU AP Business Case Competition 2019

IBGM Students Jane Lee, Michael Qian, Neha Kumar, and Jovy Mok—students part of CCTP—

placed first in the HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition, the world’s largest case competition.


For more personalised and specific career development training, IBGM students can participate in the HKU-Accenture Business Consulting Programme and FBE Mentorship Programme. These programmes allow students to directly engage with seasoned professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. Under the guidance of personal mentors, students can establish and clarify their career goals, connecting them to the real business world. Skills and knowledge obtained from the aforementioned programmes can directly be applied as students explore the CEDARS Recruitment Board and FBE Job Board for information sessions, internships, and job opportunities available exclusively to HKU students. 


IBGM LinkedIn Community

Once an IBGMer, always an IBGMer. When IBGM students need advice or help with their career paths, they can always easily connect and interact with IBGM alumni through the IBGM LinkedIn Community. This community provides a stable platform for IBGM alumni to exchange valuable information and maintain fruitful connections to their peers.