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Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business and Global Management) [BBA(IBGM)] is an intensive, premier programme in international business and global management offered by the University of Hong Kong, featuring a unique curriculum designed to evolve and reflect the ever-changing demands of a globalizing world. Exclusive elements such as overseas exchange studies, international field trip and global enrichment opportunities are strategically integrated into the curriculum, whilst students are given the flexibility to pursue an in-depth inquiry into another specialized area of study as a second major. This cross functional and personalized approach aims to foster a selected group of outstanding students to become the world's future leaders equipped with global perspectives, cultural sensitivity, social responsibility and key competencies to succeed in the international business environment.

Cross-Functional Curriculum

Our Unique International Field Trip

Global Exposure: Overseas Exchange

Cross-Functional CurriculumOur Unique International Field TripGlobal Exposure: Overseas Exchange

Explore the various possibilities in declaring a Second Major beyond Business. Cross-Functional Curriculum Choices range from Finance, Economics, Psychology, Mathematics, French, Politics, Arts, Media Studies, Geography and so on. Final Year Students would be required to undertake Global Leadership Development and Strategic Management courses.

To enable the students to fully experience the nature of today's dynamic global environment, our field trips cover both emerging and developed economies. The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, Dubai, Japan, New York, Singapore, and Germany are some of our destinations. Visits to major local and multi-national corporations/institutions are organised with a view to conducting focused and in-depth thematic investigations.

All IBGM students are required to complete at least one semester of studies at an institution abroad, usually in the Second Semester of their Year 3 study. During the exchange period, students can freely choose their IBGM electives while exploring the culture and social activities of the host institution. Through this unique experience, students can gain international exposure and global networking opportunities that are crucial for a successful career.

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IBGM International Achievements

Meet Our Programme Directors

The Most Effective Path To Success

IBGM International AchievementsMeet Our Programme DirectorsThe Most Effective Path To Success

IBGM students are given abundant opportunities to apply their business knowledge. They are prominent faculty representatives in local and international competitions, including McCombs International Business Challenge, ACCA Job Hunting Competition, HKICPA QP Case Analysis Competition, L'Oreal Brandstorm and Social Enterprise Challenge Championship.

The small class size and the common desire to strive for excellence form a strong bond among our IBGM students of different cultural backgrounds. Our Programme Directors maintain close relationships to give their best support to all IBGM students through regular academic advice sessions.

The IBGM programme grooms future leaders. Students are equipped with an in-depth understanding of business and social issues, a global perspective, international exposure and strong inter-personal skills. With these abilities, IBGM students are poised to excel in many fields in the global environment.

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