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The BBA programme is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in business design and innovation, human resource management, information systems, marketing or wealth management. It combines strong functional training with intensive exposure to communication skills, computer applications, plus other social sciences and/or science subjects. In the second year of the programme, students can choose to major in business design and innovation, human resource management, information systems, marketing, or wealth management. Students may also select a second major if they are able to complete the requirements. Students of the BBA programme are required to complete 240 credit units for the 4-year curriculum.

The Business Design and Innovation Major is designed for students who aspire to be entrepreneurs or management specialists who can design, innovate and market new products and services through creative thinking. It allows students to develop a deep reserve of multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills conducive to creativity and innovation, thus providing an opportunity for students to discover their true interest in the interface between business and other disciplines.

The Human Resource Management Major trains students to manage human resources in both profit and non-profit organisations. The courses are designed to prepare students to become members of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management.

The Marketing Major prepares students for careers in advertising, brand management, customer relationship management, and marketing management in multinational and local companies. A distinctive feature is its focus on active-learning and responsive decision-making. All graduating students are equipped with cutting-edge marketing knowledge that enables them to proactively explore opportunities in the rapidly changing, globalising marketplace.

The Information Systems major provides training in the fields of both business administration and information technology in order to give students an unique edge in the industry.

The Wealth Management Major prepares students for careers as bankers, fund managers and investment consultants. The courses required in the major combine the most up-to-date ideas pertaining to these areas with the application of the concepts within the Asia-Pacific context.


4-Year Curriculum

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]

Regulations, Syllabus & Structure and List of Courses
IntakeRegulationsSyllabus & StructureList of Courses &
Brief Description
Intake of 2019-2020*/ug/f/page/2307/253482/BBA.REG.2019-20.pdfPart I | Part II/ug/f/page/2307/253482/FBE Courses Descriptions 2019-20.pdf
Intake of 2018-2019BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2017-2018BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2016-2017BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2015-2016BBA.REG.2013-14.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2014-2015BBA.REG.2013-14.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2013-2014BBA.REG.2013-14.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2012-2013BBA.Regulations.12-13.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.Courses.Description.12-13.pdf

* subject to approval

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] Awarded in conjunction with Bachelor of Engineering [BEng]

Regulations, Syllabus & Structure and List of Courses
IntakeRegulationsSyllabus & StructureList of Courses &
Brief Description
Intake of 2019-2020*BPart IF
Intake of 2018-2019BPart IF
Intake of 2017-2018BPart IF
Intake of 2016-2017BPart IF
Intake of 2015-2016BEng.BBA.REG.2013-14.pdfPart IFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2014-2015BEng.BBA.REG.2013-14.pdfPart IFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2013-2014BEng.BBA.REG.2013-14.pdfPart IFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2012-2013BEng.BBA.REG.2012-13.pdfPart IFBE.Courses.Description.12-13.pdf

* subject to approval


Programme Director and Admissions Tutor

Programme DirectorDr. Lilian CHAN3917
Admissions TutorDr. Jun HAN3917​
for each major
Mr Joseph CHAN
(Business Design and Innovation)
Dr Thomas W.H. NG
(Human Resource Management)
Dr Chao DING
(Information Systems)
Dr Sara KIM
Dr Tao LIN
(Wealth Management)