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BBA (Acc&Fin)


The BBA(Acc&Fin) programme prepares students for a professional qualification in accounting and provides the broad-based education necessary for progressing towards a leadership role in the financial sector. Professional preparation programmes are tailor-made for students, and some internship opportunities with renowned accounting firms and financial sectors are also available for students. The programme is also accredited as an approved accountancy programme under the Professional Accreditation System of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) and CPA Australia.  Graduates are recognised by the HKICPA as accountancy degree holders and as having fulfilled the stipulated pre-entry educational requirements. They can be qualified as professional accountants by successfully completing the HKICPA Qualification Programme (QP) and obtaining relevant working experience.

Students of the BBA(Acc&Fin) programme are required to complete 240 credit units for the 4-year curriculum.  Graduates of the degree of BBA(Acc&Fin) are eligible to obtain maximum exemptions from professional examinations organised by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and need to take only five papers. They can also be qualified as members of the ACCA by successfully completing the examinations and obtaining relevant working experience.


4-Year Curriculum

i)  Important notes on ACCA Qualification Exemptions
ii) HKICPA Requirement for QP - completion of ECON1220 for 2012/2013, 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 intakes.


Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance [BBA(Acc&Fin)]

Regulations, Syllabus & Structure and List of Courses

IntakeRegulationsSyllabus & StructureList of Courses &
Brief Description
Intake of 2019-2020BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2018-2019BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2017-2018BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2016-2017BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2015-2016BBA(AccFin).REG.2013-14.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2014-2015BBA(AccFin).REG.2013-14.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2013-2014BBA(AccFin).REG.2013-14.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2012-2013BBA(AccFin).4-yr Regulations.12-13.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.Courses.Description.12-13.pdf


Programme Director and Admissions Tutor

Programme DirectorDr. Lilian CHAN3917
Admissions TutorDr. Derrald STICE3917​