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BBA(IBGM) is an intensive, premier programme in international business and global management featuring a unique curriculum designed to evolve and reflect the ever-changing demands of a globalizing world. Exclusive elements such as overseas exchange studies, international field trip and global enrichment opportunities are strategically integrated into the curriculum, whilst students are given the flexibility to pursue an in-depth inquiry into another specialized area of study as a second major. This cross functional and personalized approach aims to foster a selected group of outstanding students to become the world's future leaders equipped with global perspectives, cultural sensitivity, social responsibility and key competencies to succeed in the international business environment.


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4-Year Curriculum

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Global Management [BBA(IBGM)]

Regulations, Syllabus & Structure and List of Courses

IntakeRegulationsSyllabus & StructureList of Courses &
Brief Description
Intake of 2019-2020BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2018-2019BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2017-2018BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2016-2017BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2015-2016BBA.REG.2013-14.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2014-2015BBA.REG.2013-14.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2013-2014BBA.REG.2013-14.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2012-2013BBA.Regulations.12-13.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.Courses.Description.12-13.pdf


Programme Director and Admissions Tutor

Programme DirectorDr. Matthias BUEHLMAIER2219
Deputy Programme Director & Admissions TutorDr. Jing LI3917