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BDI Major



Major in Business Design and Innovation (BDI Major) teaches you the transformative business and innovation management skills and knowledge for exceling in traditional and new economies. You will be guided by our academic and industry leaders tutors, through a combination of cross-disciplinary teaching and experiential learning programme that resembles executive innovation and entrepreneurship education.

The BDI Major aims to put you in a creative entrepreneur mindset with the combined quantitative and qualitative mentality, backed by financial and economic industrial knowledge, where you can discover and explore new opportunities: Creativity that exhibits a variety of interests and knowledge, and combining things in a new way; Quantitative logic and data analysis that gives you the understanding and ground to build innovation on; Qualitative stakeholders-centric methodology that addresses existing and revolutionary user experience. You will be able to apply design thinking to deal with the complexity in the practical business environment and innovation projects.


What is Business Design and Innovation?

The BDI Major focuses on business management in innovation development and commercialization, as well as how purpose-led and values-driven organisations that serve societal needs with sustainable businesses model will transform and be operated.

You will learn from local and international business cases and be introduced to practical toolkits, applicable to established corporate, social venture and start-up businesses. The programme will allow you to gain the practical knowledge needed to plan and implement changes at established businesses or to build a new business as a start-up.

In the case of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) research and education that leads to a new generation of technology, which includes quantum information, internet of things and blockchain etc., BDI is the major that trains you to aspire from stakeholders’ understanding, to inject vision and creativity into the research and business, to lead and manage the innovation plan, and to add value and drive its application.


Why do we offer a Major in Business Design and Innovation in the BBA curriculum?

This is the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution where all the industries, as well as job nature, are being reshaped by the advancing new technologies, quick changing business and economic environment and a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world. You will be building the capability to drive and manage the T-shaped innovation which combines both the vertical in-depth research and development and the horizontal multi-disciplinary uses – innovation that could be transformative, disruptive and redefining what we currently experience.

The BDI Major is nurturing a talent pool. It addresses the rise of the creative class that includes but not limited to research and development across different industries, venture capital, scientific or fintech infrastructure, business consulting, service design or provider, education facilitator - when human creativity is the ultimate economic resource. The curriculum of BDI major will be enhanced to cater to industry needs, to embrace technological innovation and to stay abreast with latest market trend. You will build up the capabilities in complex multi-layers problem solving, critical thinking for analysis and decision making, and creativity as a leader. We are preparing you to apply your knowledge, skills and capabilities to make positive impact in the social and business environment.


Student Activities & Learning Support

The BDI Major emphasizes on multi-cultural and experiential learning. There will be a broad range of enrichment value-enhancing learning activities to equip you with professional knowledge and soft skills. Our collaboration with industry partners is bringing you in line with the global trend of business approach with insight from hands-on experience. Our selected learning enhancement activities are:

  • Exchanges
    You may apply for exchange through either Faculty or University exchange programmes across continents with prestigious institutions.
  • Overseas and Mainland Summer Programmes
    You may apply to the credit bearing FBE summer programmes that expand your horizon of the international business world, industry knowledge and network.  
  • Industry Pioneering Programme
    You may participate in industry activities (e.g. Hong Kong Design Centre’s Design Thinking Programme collaborating with FBE) to learn directly from the initiatives.
  • External Competitions
    You may take part in the events like hackathon, social entrepreneurship or case competition – to jump start your career or to demonstrate your abilities. Our students have been winning awards in different competitions through the years.





Career Prospect

The careers of graduates majoring in BDI are not limited to commerce and finance industry; they have been making significant impact and contribution across a wide range of industries – including but not limited to banking, financial services, marketing, public sector, social enterprises, education, business consulting, luxury products and branding, digital industry, legal, art, technology, and blockchain. We have graduates joining the global leadership programme at multi-national corporation and bring changes there.  

You may also start your own company as an entrepreneur or join a start-up company, which some of our students do after graduation, as they are well-equipped from our BDI Major.


Major in Business Design and Innovation
Programme Structure

(applicable to the 2015-2016 – 2018-2019 intake cohorts)

Course codeCourse titleYear of studyCredits
Faculty Core courses – complete all of the following courses:
ACCT1101Introduction to financial accounting16
ECON1210Introductory microeconomics16
Statistics requirement – choose one of the following courses:
ECON1280 orAnalysis of economic data or16
STAT1602 orBusiness statistics or
STAT1603Introductory statistics
FINA1310Corporate finance26
Business Core courses – complete all of the following courses:
IIMT2601Management information systems2 or 36
MGMT2401Principles of management2 or 36
MKTG2501Introduction to marketing2 or 36
STRA4701Strategic management (Capstone course)46
Disciplinary Core courses – complete all of the following courses:
IIMT3621Creativity and business innovation2 or 36
IIMT3626Values-driven innovation2 or 36
IIMT3623Design thinking: concepts and applications3 or 46
IIMT3624Design studio3 or 46




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Representative for Business Design and Innovation Major

Representative for BDI Major:Mr Joseph CHAN
Tel:(852) 3917 1016

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