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The BEcon&Fin is a double-major programme designed to meet the interests of students who are seeking a balanced study of both economics and finance. The programme recognises the significance of economics both in its own right and as a foundation for the study of finance, and the significance of finance as a career path for students who are keen on joining this profession. Students will receive solid training in theory and applications of economics and finance. They will be equipped with skills in analysing human behaviour and social interaction, as well as solving problems in the financial sphere.

The programme is a designated CFA University Affiliation Program.  Under this Program, CFA scholarships are available to BEcon&Fin students to take the CFA Level I Examination. In addition, they can also attend free workshops on ethics and professional standards taught by experienced professionals from the local CFA society.

BEcon&Fin students are required to complete a total of 240 credit units for the 4-year curriculum.


4-Year Curriculum

Bachelor of Economics and Finance [BEcon&Fin]

Regulations, Syllabus & Structure and List of Courses

IntakeRegulationsSyllabus & StructureList of Courses &
Brief Description
Intake of 2018-2019BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2017-2018BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2016-2017BPart I | Part IIF
Intake of 2015-2016BBA.REG.2013-14.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2014-2015BBA.REG.2013-14.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2013-2014BBA.REG.2013-14.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.CRSE.2013-14(4Y).pdf
Intake of 2012-2013BBA.Regulations.12-13.pdfPart I | Part IIFBE.Courses.Description.12-13.pdf

Programme Director and Admissions Tutor

Programme DirectorDr. Maurice K.S. TSE, JP2857
Admissions TutorDr. C.Y. TSE2859

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