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The Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) offers 2 major programmes and 3 minor programmes to students outside the Faculty under the 3-year curriculum.

  1. Major/ Minor Programmes available for non-FBE students in the 3-year Curriculum
  2. Declaration
    • Students can start declaring their major/minor in the beginning of their second year of study. 
  3. Requirements
    • A Yearly GPA of 3.0 or above at the end of the first year of study (excluding Summer Semester) must be obtained for eligibility to declare any major or minor offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics.
    • For students who have declared an FBE major/minor but do not fulfill the YGPA requirement at the end of their first year of study, their home Faculty will arrange to remove their respective declaration from the SIS.
  4. Course Enrolment
    • All courses offered by FBE have quota restriction.  Students’ successful declaration of a major/minor offered by FBE will NOT guarantee them a place in the courses for fulfilling the major/minor requirements.
    • Some courses may have pre-requisite requirements.  Students should obtain a pass in the pre-requisite course(s) before taking the subsequent courses.
    • Course enrolment with timetable conflict will NOT be approved.
    • No courses shall be double-counted.  Where a course applies to more than a major or minor programme, a disciplinary elective (advanced level) must be taken in lieu of the double-counted course.
    • Students are not permitted to enroll in mutually exclusive courses where significant portions of the course contents overlap with each other.  A disciplinary elective (advanced level) must be taken in lieu of the mutually exclusive course.  Please see the list of mutually exclusive courses under “Useful Information”.
  5. Academic Advisors
    • Temporary academic advisors for non-FBE students taking major/minor offered by FBE:
      • Dr. Jasmine Kwong (Business)
      • Dr. Tao Lin (Economics, and Finance)
  6. Useful information
  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  8. Enquiries